2 factors that influence the flow of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools

recently friends often ask to use Chinaz webmaster tools, display the flow of Shanghai is what love, because I love it when the flow of Shanghai is zero, he did not how to pay attention to, yesterday suddenly found his love for Shanghai traffic is actually 31, is a detailed study, found the love of Shanghai index and keywords ranking are 2 main factors affecting the flow of love Shanghai, love this flow of Shanghai is actually a very accurate estimate, in fact, is also a webmaster tools to estimate by love Shanghai search engine to your site flow:

1, love Shanghai keywords index

related keywords no index, your ranking is good, it is impossible to have the love of Shanghai traffic (I mean here is the webmaster tools show figures, not the real flow), metaphor of my blog keywords Jingzhou Shanghai dragon, are ranked first in second, but all my words are in the home page, but there’s no love Shanghai index, so love Shanghai traffic has been shown to zero, the key words here are not necessarily your main keywords set, the long tail keywords optimization is also possible, you can see me on the 2 words "love Shanghai" revision ", the chain is the keyword query" the optimization of the.

you are very easy to understand, even if you choose keywords is keyword index big love Shanghai, but no keywords ranking, in vain, love Shanghai flow positive or zero, here we choose the appropriate keywords when considering the difficulty of the optimization, select the appropriate love Shanghai index, but the degree of optimization not particularly rare words, at the same time, we should also pay attention to the optimization of the long tail keywords, compared to many words although we have not set to words, but through the optimization, we can optimize a lot of traffic, before I wrote an article: the singles drainage analysis case, the keywords ranking is very good, bring flow.

flow analysis under specific love Shanghai

: Xu Guoxiang love Shanghai

query graph


here is how to love Shanghai weight:


two: the influence factors of


2, keywords ranking

Webmaster Tools flow the so-called love Shanghai is just a basic estimate >

blog traffic

was my love Shanghai flow is zero, since a few days ago, the site of a main keywords "love Shanghai index website promotion planning" from no ranking suddenly rose to sixth, Shanghai began to have the flow of love, these 2 days also increased, the reason is related to keywords ranking rise we can see, on the promotion from above, the love of Shanghai planning index, and the ranking is also good, I want to talk about the 2 factors affecting the flow of Shanghai love:


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