Over a month to the new summary

is now working.

The new company is engaged in the

also, during this period of time is updated every day 3-5 website information (note original). It is natural in the chain were interspersed in the article. Head, middle and tail add an article. Add the first page head (category) central link, add a product (the same category) link, the tail added links on this page. The formation of tree link is a spider’s way of love.

took over, on the website of the integrated query, first of all, the problems found is the key setting, keyword description, keywords are not usually search words, such as "small" Huizhou Huizhou in Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture crafts"…… These words, people are Speechless. What’s more, some keywords to describe keyword stack. Erhuaweishuo, the boss let me look at how to get, since it is responsible for the site, what problems can communicate with the website, is the key to solve the problem. Since we are doing business projects, such as "investment" and "project" and "entrepreneurship"…… This word is certain to appear, then the other industry Web site keywords, after making a good keyword. Of course, the new station is to be submitted to the major search engines. In third days were submitted (love Shanghai, Google, YAHOO, soso, Sogou, Youdao, Bing, can register an account, in the online business management in the background – login search submitted for domain name).

into the Huizhou crafts business project. Because never before done any publicity on the Internet, the company bosses thought to expand the source of customers through the network channels. After all, now gradually, people are accustomed to from the Internet to get information. Site on-line time is April 28, 2012, I was in June 6th to the company. 6 for I and several colleagues training day sales. General understanding of the basic operation of the company. I am itself, the website optimization, bring traffic to the site, bring the customer is my top priority.

soon, that day in June 20th, through the webmaster tools query website, love Shanghai rose from 0 to 1 weight, and is very excited. At the same time, this is for the review period, love stations query results are not the weight of love Shanghai. Later, every day to do some original articles, promotion website, love Shanghai products (love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love to know Post Bar collection in Shanghai…… ), the ads released and replies, in the collection of classified information platform can add in the A5 forum signature (58 city network, Ganji, people network, business network, a good speaker, classified information network, list of network, Hainan classified information network…… ) issued investment information, raise some blog (Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Shanghai love space, Tianya, add a chain), posting on A5 (add source link)…… These work, it’s easy to say, it is ok. The site every subtle changes, will let us do the Shanghai dragon is thrilling.


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