The reason the website open speed slow

three, machine

site in the performance of many database operations, will also affect the site open speed, here the asp+access layout of the site is particularly significant, especially with many users to submit comment, as database lock operation, resulting in the site open.



six, many database operations

software, security and software, will affect the server environment, which affect the network speed. The server device software firewall, committed some network speed, so VPS, or independent server users install a firewall is enough.

try to optimize the code, with minimal code, redundant code is one of the slow speed of the site drag.

DNS contains the number and cost analysis of each analytical analysis of reciprocating moment, they are both the product that is consumed by DNS analytical moment, therefore, many people ignore the DNS question, in fact, DNS is also very important for website parsing speed.

seven, with many javascript

first you want to know the good website, if open speed is slow, the 10 will have 9 choose from, but the web page show rate depends on many factors, including the server function, network transmission quality, website bandwidth, DNS analysis, the content of the page contains related to JS code, image and video the size of the various elements and so on.

five, the content of the page size (important)


page file size is whether the site can quickly open one of the most important elements, if the server hardware, we decided to not, I strongly believe that from here to start, whether the form is still DIV+CSS, optimized code is appropriate, can reduce the size of the page.

server softwareThe correct equipment Equipped with

this is the most important factor in the slow, site on the good bandwidth access speed as fast, the network bandwidth of the site server bandwidth and client two directions, contact refers to the outlet and the inlet end (such as telecommunications Netcom for contacts).

, a minimum bandwidth of


DNS, two time

contains the hardware equipment of the server and client, the same network environment, dual core server computing ability must be better, no doubt, the same network environment, you use a machine Celeron dual core processor and Pentium four computer, open the same page, speed, also certainly not the same.

website uses a number of JS search engine is taboo, not only can not be entered, together will continue to submit begged add server burden, such as mouse effects, effects of the program, the status bar effects etc.. The principle of these effects is first downloaded from the server to your local machine, and then shipped forward on your local machine.

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