The medical station was plucking wait may be the best solution



From the

This site is now the

first website: new online second days included, a massive increase in the chain, the webmaster forum signature and contribute the chain occupy most, whether it is included or early website ranking rise all the way, the survival time of one and a half months:

third website: New >


4, black hat, black chain, links to purchase the results: without the use of

from the routine check and found no problems (when the love Shanghai has not made outside the chain of punishment is not coherent announcement).

2, Title key words to describe the results: keyword density is reasonable, no accumulation of keywords suspect.



we are still young, as long as it is a matter of time that is not a problem! By following my hand two old medical station and a new line of medical station to elaborate on these websites in the K station story.


1, and the results showed that: the content of the website is not original, but also carefully modified sentence can be easily read, is high quality pseudo original.


love Shanghai for medical station discrimination? K station? Not! Maybe just increase the audit efforts at the grassroots webmaster circle! Have time, have a happy childhood let me kick into the medical industry and burst, since June Shanghai began to update the love, every time a little less will wind sways grass. No medical industry forced compatriots, I took the medical station time is not long, and all are from the new start, so I just said new! After 6 months of effort, suddenly feeling love of Shanghai is not new medical discrimination, but to increase her audit efforts than other types of sites will be

server 3, shows that although the use of the Hongkong server, the speed is good enough, this time did not appear open and instability.

site was K time

shown that this site from 6.28 K stations, but did not escape the 7.5 of the total was K, I found the situation from the following reasons:

5, the chain factors results: BBS signature, contribute the chain, classified information, the third party blog, Wikipedia, wide enough, the correlation is not high.

second website: because the first site is basically over the line site, the situation is basically the same, the difference is in the 10-12, when the two sites have been released after the site because of technical errors caused by the second day again by K.


site included



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