Using the Q & a section to create a new medical content experience

Shanghai medical station due to the love of more and more strict, many medical industry websites are subjected to a number of hospitals and even the crowning calamity, was forced to withdraw from the Internet market. In this situation, operating medical station are very headache, I was one of them. The thing is the most troubled medical content, almost no medical content can be innovative, but to collect repeated countless times content, let love Shanghai and the users of your website results are very disgusted, miserable.

now rarely medical station will consider adding a quiz website column, because everyone thinks that the user will not have so much free to ask questions to the website column. Indeed, but we ignore the details, can ask question and answer column, and indirectly create web content. So here I advise you, if you are using the site not open Q & a plate, can find technical personnel or their development of a Q & a plate, this can refer to the template on the website:

some time ago, the author has consulted a medical station optimization master, he told me that he now almost every day no longer to the other sites to collect or false original article, but the clever use of the column quiz website, through discussing ways to create a series of new medical content. I think this approach is worth learning about, so now I wrote this article to share.

(1) answers content editor. Ask the content editor very exquisite skill, especially for questioning, questioning must seize the psychological needs of users, for example, the website is doing Department of Neurology registered, in the editing will be around "neurology appointment", as follows:

first: first of all, for your website to add interlocution column plate or

such a question and answer, can be a good solution to the needs of the users have the same questions, to further enhance the user experience of the website, the website content is innovation.

(2) time allocation question. This detail is also very important, many webmaster in written just >



second: edit and answer questions, answer time interval should not decisive


well, Q plate is set up, now we began to manually add the question and answer the. Answer is a need for high skill things, our purpose is to let users do not see us in the question and answer, if the details do not do well, it would be easy to wear, and may be rejected by the user. I think, to question and answer, should pay attention to the question and answer time content editor:

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