The study found that the name of the web site can also become the chain

?This paper consists of

will ask you to say these, where is the evidence?

site name, as the name suggests, is the name of the one and only your site, such as my personal blog name is Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon happiness. Love Shanghai search happy Shanghai Longfeng, this website undisputed ranked first in Shanghai love home, this is the brand word.

noble official guide Shanghai dragon baby inside an unremarkable phrase do not know if you have noticed that, there is a website brand word appears in other sites, the noble baby will enhance its weight". The noble baby is clear on the website name appears in other websites can also improve your weight, but because of the reason as everyone knows, the noble baby official Shanghai Longfeng guide not in-depth description of this one reason.

at the same time, the webmaster should also heard a word: "Shanghai dragon depends too much on the website is not good website". So the webmaster, in Shanghai love web search LEE to refute me every day in order to cater to you at the expense of their rest time to hand the chain until three a.m. "the chain construction method of this new era, if you have a new thinking of

a cow B website, is not the industry word ranking are good, but the brand word into this industry with its brand more words love Shanghai a lot more index, search Taobao search than online shopping of people, this is the strength of the brand.


so, I’ll explain what the website name appears in other websites can also improve website weight " what does it mean? That is, we often say that the chain is in the form of our web sites appear in other sites, whether it is text URL, also is the domain name or the hyperlink. Is the anchor text, namely the formation of the chain, is the original meaning of outside chain can improve the weights of the website, the chain is the other sites for this site to vote, then, a website brand word appears in other sites, can also form a vote, it does not violate the search engine that the chain can enhance the website weight intention. For example, we talk about the Shanghai dragon in the webmaster forum easily when speaking of ZAC, and ZAC is the name of Zan Hui Shanghai Longfeng blog, many people will visit the ZAC blog directly in Shanghai love search ZAC then enter its website, this process will be recorded on the love of Shanghai (why was recorded. Please look at the relevant information about the love of Shanghai. ), because the word ZAC appears in Shanghai and dragon website, then ZAC this blog with respect to Shanghai dragon the search word is more correlation, and enhance the love Shanghai ZAC blog is the weight of Shanghai dragon the search word is not difficult to understand.

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