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here, a lot of people will blindly trust weight high site outside the chain, see the website of the other side of good quality and high weight do friendship link with each other, what is the most important for us now? Needless to say we all know your website speed is the priority among priorities, if not included in the article this site included or very slow and was sentenced to death. The speed of the website that included the website of the other side is friendly to the search engine is not enough, and the content of the web site update speed, if a site off the chain, and every update is not up to the 3 chapter, we do not consider the friendship link. To see the updated data can be used to.

as a high quality website should not only consider the weight of each other, but also consider the safety of the other side of the domain name, query security in Shanghai love input site:www.***贵族宝贝 the address into your domain view, if the other sites have the problem will have a red font with a X prompt, so that we have such a website even the weight of each other in high and we can not do friendship link, if not carefully before with this web site to do a friendship that decisive cancel friendship links, otherwise will affect your site.

webmaster do friendship link is to make love with Shanghai included fast, because included fast site do friendship link will drive our own website update speed, the website of the other side is the spider crawling, will be in each other’s home to attract the spider to come to our website this is the friendship link for the benefits of weight assignment is not too important. If you see a weight 1 website love Shanghai included his article basically is minute words, even if your weight is much higher than his weight can also establish friendship link.

in suitable for our choice of friendship link we need to analyze the other sites have weight 1, weight 1 if we can consider to do friendship link, if we do not consider the weight higher than the other.

friends do friendship link with you, then you need to look at the other site appearance, user experience and content quality, to see if some neat articles, members of the activity is the search engine on a web site quality judgment.



sometimes some webmaster or promotion can not find the same classification website suitable do friendship link with other related sites, to be honest with this site do friendship link can lead.

many new owners would love and weight high site friendship link, the new owners will think that high weight website will increase their weight, this idea is very good, but not necessarily useful, so you can do good for your site. Today the speed network will explain to you.

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