The website search engine optimization to build high quality articles reading skills

first, we analysis the content of the website needs to stand in the user’s point of view. After a lot of time users to enter the site through search engines or other means what they hope to get what kind of information, this is the key issue we concern, such as some users directly through the search engine to search for a product to enter our website. After we dig into the relevant information, to do is related to this aspect of the news continued to expand, increase product segments, expand our efforts to update the news. In the long tail word of a user may search some industry product price is daily said in our website, we will increase efforts to the construction of long tail keywords this time around the long tail word writing related, whether it is for one level, the understanding of user needs will be the priority among priorities. We can through the analysis of website background statistical analysis tools can understand the needs of users, and so on through the QQ online customer service.

we know that as long as the Shanghai dragon website optimization, high quality of the original article is certainly necessary, but as a web site optimization practitioners, we have a lot of time is not from journalism media or literature, there is some problem more or less writing, this time we should how to operate? The author thinks that as a we want more practitioners to analyze and observe what happens, how to understand the development trend of the whole industry, so as to truly capture the writing inspiration, good gossip short continued to enter today’s topic, how to change the strategy of construction quality in the station of the website.

second, website update simple copy it. Why? Today love Shanghai itself the continuous improvement of the algorithm, many large copy collection website content, cannot escape the search engine spiders fayan, a regular copy collection site, with the passage of time will be gradually down the right to love Shanghai station net weight, because of a large quantity of low quality web content the site does not have any meaning and value for the user, the search engine is for customer service for the user, not the content of the value, is in the search engine and the naysayers, we need to do is to find some new point of view, whether it is soft writing or the station for the update, stand on our own point of view to understand, to analyze to sum up, if he is a party and how should we do? In accordance with their own understanding of the industry point of view, to write their own experience and experience a sense of The enlightenment is that the quality of high quality web content, rather than blindly in order to update and update, the final site of bad behavior to deceive search engines and user are down the right punishment is can hardly be avoided.

third, the construction quality is benefit by mutual discussion. May our own when the original creation, sometimes really belly without ink, LiQuCiQiong, mind this time the idea is not the organic series, in this case the author provides an idea of writing, is for the integration and depth of processing, for example, you can find out a lot about this.

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