The use of statistical tools for data analysis of marketing planning website

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access to the user directly said, like the first two things every day to do is white hart to open the browser to visit our team blog with green marketing planning agencies and their White Hart studio website leisurely Sky Studio (L-SKY.STUDIO), White Hart such behavior shows that the white deer is a direct access to users in these two sites for a! A web site, the number of users to directly access and the proportion can intuitively reflect a website loyalty "number and the proportion of its own users, the more the number of users own website, this website will be more emboldened, not excessive to rely on the external links of blood transfusion, at this point on the strong position of Tencent Inc now is no domestic shake. How to increase the number of users to directly access and the proportion of? In fact, the key lies in your own awesome suck. What is awesome? Please visit White Hart earlier wrote: "how to use the powerful White Hart and pseudo original equally powerful spider seduce?" one article, after reading You’ll see. what is awesome.

awesome page (if you have read this article after the White Hart recommended do not know what is awesome, then you take this one also finished!), that is, throughout the site can bring traffic to the other page, of course page of series is quite important this page is awesome, once a good optimization, so it created the absolute value is far greater than other general page optimized value.

The so-called

1, direct access to the user and the proportion of

everyone will do marketing plan to do the promotion of the chain, is the so-called big woods, what birds are, the more chain, what the site has, but there is a lot of websites may give us not what we want to flow, therefore, in view of the different antecedents, difference of comparison, can be related to the bounce rate, browsing quantity, average access time convenient for comparison, from the comparison we should learn to extract data, analysis of why the website traffic from high value, some websites almost nothing, then do for site optimization and its wide.

2, according to different sources, make the difference between

3, according to the data in the web page to find the awesome

said the conversion rate, for marketing or e-commerce web site is crucial, whether it is marketing websites or e-commerce sites, are equipped with their own brushes, multi-dimensional multi-level to analyze data purification, so as to achieve the ultimate goal, then better.

4, on the conversion rate of the page

to do marketing planning for us, data analysis is extremely important, but also pay attention to the website now at almost all of their own or install third party traffic monitoring program, then the third party traffic statistical tools how to use good for our service? White Deer think we should focus on the following aspects:

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