Zhu Zerong Shanghai dragon market two signs

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and Dean of the conversation, he said, should contact all can contact the Shanghai dragon new forces, these forces together, together, everyone together to do a good job of traditional enterprises, especially for small business market of traditional education and guide the work, get it done, China Shanghai dragon foot can lead the world, like the high iron China, let the whole world to go beyond, here will be the most prosperous, the most vigorous Internet superpower. He stressed that the focus must be with the aid of a small enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng help around the country have made online business success, scattered, independent, small Shanghai dragon never should unite together to cultivate the market and enlarge the market.

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speaking of Shanghai Longfeng talent construction problems, Zhu said: Shanghai Longfeng talent construction, is actually a problem reflected in the high high, Shanghai Longfeng high level staff and high technology, to have better wages or income, reflecting mainly senior personnel through building project bidding, Shanghai dragon headhunters hunting, director, director of Shanghai Longfeng recruitment platform; a low refers to the strengthening of entry-level and training posts, the actual entry is guided to the traditional enterprise is the key, not allowing them to understand how Shanghai Dragon technology, let them know Shanghai, what benefits, how to bring help to the enterprise, the amount of money spent or to find what kind of person do this thing. The other is job training, this is the Shanghai dragon practitioners, you must understand these knowledge, must according to the formal and standard way to work, to achieve such a request, the employer can quickly by Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon employment market will completely open. (author: Li Yunlu)

he said: Shanghai dragon industry has not yet mature into an ordered market environment, Shanghai dragon market maturity has two signs, a small business needs of Shanghai Longfeng business unprecedented growth, creating unprecedented opportunities to Shanghai Longfeng practitioners; two is in the small business development in the field of professional market Shanghai dragon, have a brilliant future, Shanghai dragon to small businesses to help tens of thousands of stories. The two sign is the key to the outbreak of Shanghai dragon market application boom, is an important process for mass market penetration, market education, without which there is Shanghai dragon is "virtual" prosperity, did not enter into a substantive stage of prosperity.

the day before and Zhuo Dean of the Graduate School of Mr. Zhu Zerong on the issues facing opportunities and challenges in the future development of Shanghai Longfeng market for more than two hours of exchange. Zhu believes that Shanghai dragon should set off a revolution, the momentum to vast participation to many people, especially in the Shanghai dragon to help small businesses get online business success, to reach a new peak, small and medium enterprises contribute to all over the world have online business vitality.

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