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, like the easy question library and other campus classes of APP, is the basic driver of a problem in life, and the web or application itself is a solution to the problem through a series of code calculus. Such software does not have to be publicized and can quickly get a considerable rate of transmission in this group.

capital pays for creativity

is different from other age entrepreneurs, and the spirit of "newborn calf is not afraid of tigers" is reflected more deeply in the later 1990s. Dare to do, is unique to their personal independence of conduct’s personality, this trait is attracting more and more attention of the angels.

, in all the years, courage and determination, are essential qualities for entrepreneurs. These for the group has just entered the society, 90 is more innate traits.

many entrepreneurial projects are rooted in the daily life of these 90 generations created.

no doubt, they were born in the best years.


but in the process they also ignore the product experience because they are too focused on marketing.

and unlike other age entrepreneurs, as an Internet native, the Internet genes carried by the post-90s are inaccessible to other eras. They have a deeper understanding of the internet.

for 90 entrepreneurs, to study is no longer in front of the ability to tell the story of capital, but practical implementation to improve the product.

The new era of

no matter what age, the new generation of entrepreneurs always appear in bold and resolute image. And the two years, with the rapid development of the Internet, not only in the number of entrepreneurs than in the past to increase, compared with other times, entrepreneurs are more younger trend.

data show that the second work site is second hire flagship product, provide the second speed recruitment, talent customization, skills training, personnel agency and other series of human resource services for enterprises, the service has covered the Beijing Tianjin Bohai rim and the Yangtze River Delta region.

people network aspects, shares, seconds hire is a continuation of the people network, light company, big ecological strategy. People hope that through the level of information network platform and recruitment vertical field of excellent team work closely, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, to provide users with better recruitment service experience. The recruitment business people network currently covers 367 city nationwide, covering manufacturing, service industry, construction industry hundreds of hot jobs, as of May 2016, net cumulative number of CV has exceeded 100 million, the cumulative release of enterprise recruitment information more than 10 million. Anne

people network announcement said that this investment is mainly to expand the company in human resources service market segments of the line, not to enter new areas, the purpose is to promote the site traffic, enhance the core competitiveness of the platform.

long ago, 90 overbearing President Yu Jiawen in public before a heroic utterance let more people know about the new generation of entrepreneurs, outshining national husband". His bold speech also ignited the public’s discussion of the post-90s entrepreneur, who was backed up and challenged.

According to

in this era, the suffering of the business are weakening, entrepreneurs do not need money to leave no stone unturned, Chafanbusi, a wave of investors, the congregation raised platform lined up for their bold ideas to pay, and they need to do is to provide ideas, understand the needs of.

to 90 entrepreneurs in addition to the unique acceptance, understanding, analysis, in the attitude of life is not willing to put their own, not sticking to formalities, the loose environment so that they live in relatively free. Many angel investors are attracted by their distinctive personality when they are in touch with each other. Many examples of investment have proved that many angels invest in entrepreneurs, not just projects.

in communication, even if the age is different, most of the angels and these entrepreneurs will not have obstacles. "We >

technology news on August 3rd news, the domestic classification information of the first stock Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as the people network: people network, stock code: 836012 recently announced the acquisition of 10 million yuan, Shanghai second hire Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. hereinafter referred to as: second, accounting for 70% of the shares of recruits.

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