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that’s it. I keep this garbage station and expect sh419 to pay attention to me again. However, sh419 never visited my website again until an accident.

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because just started doing a website, what all did not understand, used a ASP procedure to hang up, but did not have many people for a period of time to come up. Later read some webmaster class articles, said static is easy to included. So overnight, all the pages of the station were replaced by HTML, second days, my site on sh419 forever disappeared. No matter how hard I tried, sh419 never took notice of me. Because sh419 does not include the reasons, the traffic on my site is very poor, and I can not make a profit. But I did not give up the site, because doing such a garbage site, I spent a lot of energy inside, how can I have the heart to throw away?


engaged in the Internet industry for nearly 10 years, personally experienced the many changes in the Internet, see many teams around the ups and downs and failures. There are also many friends through the Internet to add wings to their industry, to achieve their dreams. Some time ago I want to share a way at the development of friends experience for everyone, I really admire this friend, his hand is by my help, it is also a relatively close relationship with his rich history, because he was four years ago, it can be said to be a grass root in three years. By the time of execution, spirit, courage from a working class, turned to the Internet clothing brand daniel. With his permission, today I share his experience and hope to help some other Internet friends.

June 2013 he resigned, began a full-time Taobao distribution, because of his selection ability and advantage of Southern primary sources, soon made up, half a year has 2000 Taobao Taobao distribution in the seller delivery, which is well done, and there are more than 10 people in the team customer service, delivery etc.. Friends made the first pot of gold 600 thousand, and then Taobao thorough brush reputation, plus Taobao Rules >

good play in the back, due to the increase in traffic, the major search engines also increase the amount of day by day, originally on my web site static page is only more than 300, GG above included to more than 500. The most incredible is that sh419 was also down! Really surprises!! next.

09 years, my website has been on-line for more than two years, at this time, the site is still a sh419 K for more than two years old garbage station. Two months ago, I inadvertently entered a traffic union site, there are PV traffic alliance. They are selling price flow is the lowest I have seen, 1000IP is only 6 cents!! so low-cost traffic can do what? I don’t know, but I think their own web site to do for so long, never exceeded two hundred IP. Other people’s garbage station, although also called garbage station, but also to the webmaster to earn some money, and even my back space and domain name fees are not enough. This time I will make statistics on the number of change! So I chose 150 yuan monthly flow of the station, 7000-8000 to IP every day, do the site so long, statistics can never have such a big number!! but spent money to buy happy, this is also the value of

flow, why don’t I put some advertising on? So I put the advertisement of the mom also hung up, I used this advertising a week to sell a few yuan to buy now, I will offer 50 yuan, 30 yuan small position. Did not expect things to happen, after a few days, the two advertisements all sold out, but there are few people queuing to buy!! I forget about $80 a week, a month or 320, also make it ~ ~ is a nice surprise!

the 2013 Spring Festival party, this guy saw my first eye tell his own anguish, I do not know when the head, listened to his character, I suggest try combining with the internet. According to my advice, then he went to Taobao and Tmall to find a group manager, talked about the selection of supply to the Taobao store manager, are the primary sources and a good style, 2 months as part of a store selling well, so the friend also earned a little money.

When a friend

say you may not believe, a true sense of the trash can make money! What is the true meaning of the dumpster? That is, not only is the site of garbage, but also not to make money in the garbage station! I began to do a web site in 06 years, was interested in it was built, here is not the site said.

2012, the friend came to Guangdong from the north, had just graduated from high school in 2 years, no good work at home doing nothing, thinking to the south toward a career, with 2000 dollars alone came to Guangzhou, arrived in Guangzhou on their own when unaccompanied, everywhere looking for a job, rent a room 400 dollars in the village in the city began to resume in the city of 58, half a month later for a lot of work, he did not abandon or experience, or are unable to agree on the treatment, then hand the money paid almost, there is no way to go to the white horse clothing city a clothing wholesale stalls out responsible for receiving, sales, packaging, delivery, small stalls only a few people so they all have to do other chores. He grew up in rural areas compared to hardship, hard to do their own thing a few months ago, the boss let others feel good, it became responsible for some aspects of procurement and style of things, so that his style of all seasons are more familiar with, second years when he chose a better than some other candidates shop pin that may be because people are more emotional, aesthetic is also good, always grasp the trend. Affected by the Internet, and then his wholesale stalls gradually unable to grow, and began to decline, a year down, relying on old customers can only say that it is not bad.

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