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as a new momentum of China’s economic development, in the first half of this year, a booming economy of shared importance. One side is the sharing of the economy, causing all the capital to chase, and constantly chasing "tuyere" enterprises have joined, and the other side because some enterprises delisting and associated social management problems triggered controversy.

venture capital, there is a very special phenomenon, which is related to venture investment contract and shareholder contract, there are entrepreneurs very detailed shareholders terms and investors in a variety of situations, but for entrepreneurial small shareholders, special terms, less and less, one of the reasons I am not very clear. In fact, many small shareholders by large shareholders on behalf of the holders, so there is no investment agreement law constraints, in this case, small shareholders and large shareholders have a good mode of communication is very important, I think we should pay attention to the following points:

How will the sharing economy on

, chairman of the city of Comtech core hard egg founder Kang Jingwei said, at present, the "hard egg" has brought together more than 16000 intelligent hardware innovation project, 14000 suppliers and 16 million hardware fans. Platform through the Internet and sharing mode to open up the core industry chain of various industries, global innovation and Chinese manufacturing linked together.

and they often leave, is the subject of much dispute, we had a pride, common ideal, with the vision of the future, and once fought day and night, this is a dispute finally crushed, even strangers.

first of all, the character of the major shareholder is very important, followed by bad character big brother, then it will be very troublesome. And his interest, too, is willing to share it with you. Judge the character, can only look at his past experience, look at the interests, then see how many shares he actually brought out to the brothers, and the rest are virtual. A game company in the business, CEO individuals took out 20% of the shares, to the early brothers and sisters, this is the most I have seen the case, the boss is worthy of respect and trust.

share the future: take off at the next "air terminal"

following the v-mobile last month completed $600 million financing, at the beginning of July, ofo also announced the completion of $700 million financing. Capital feast, while the various "gold rush" competing to squeeze into the market, while there is no lack of "Wukong", "3Vbike" and other enterprises due to loss delisting.

small shareholders, entrepreneurs to join the team, often listen to the boss, a call came over to do, relying on trust, but this is far from enough, after all, is a long process of entrepreneurship.

shares the idle equipment with the Internet platform, shares the production line idle schedule, and shares the talented person and the service…… The emergence of a shared economy that has sprung up in the mass consumer and service sectors has mushroomed in the manufacturing sector.

according to Tencent Research Institute "2016-2017 share Economic Development Research Report", the current travel industry has 15 enterprises closed, mainly for the network about cars, >

‘s "tuyere" affect the Chinese society deeply? How far can the sharing economy go?

well as entrepreneurs, especially small shareholders, how to avoid the disputes on

the manufacturing sector will be the main battleground for the future sharing economy." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and Economics Institute of Internet Economics Li Yongjian believes that shared manufacturing can make full use of idle production equipment, reduce enterprise costs, accurate docking information, to promote the transformation of the manufacturing industry.

recently, WeChat, micro-blog, are turning about 4399 of the original backbone Cao Zheng and major shareholder Cai Wensheng’s equity dispute, said Cao quit, only to get 66 of the original commitment, and so on. I didn’t know anything about the matter and could not tell who was right or wrong, but it caused me to think.

careful review, found in my understanding of entrepreneurial firms, from entrepreneurial start to venture capital operations, shareholders leave early is not uncommon, these people often leave, is a small shareholder, left, generally not get too much money.


shared manufacturing: let the enterprise change gameplay

first, small shareholders of the entrepreneurial process must have a profound understanding of, and the related financing norms, gift, purchase, and even diluted equity options related to tax and other basic concepts should be clear, corresponding to the rules of the game to know about, in fact most of the time, especially the small shareholders do not have this experience and knowledge, many of the major shareholders do not understand the origin of this and resentment. As mentioned in this article 4399, which said commitment has shrunk 66 times, the standard is according to the calculation of the 4399 highest valuation financing 40 billion in 2011 from the Cao zheng. A little bit of PE experience >

, a company dedicated to intelligent sleep monitoring and improvement, has never thought of helping Sleepace avoid its fate. It’s a technology company called "hard egg". In the platform known as the "manufacturing Alibaba", "enjoy sleep" pinpoint the product positioning, from technical solutions to marketing breakthroughs a lot of difficulties.

sharing bicycles can be said to be the most typical case of sharing the economy’s impact on China’s manufacturing sector. In 2017, bicycles came out for 200 years. The solid tire replaces the pneumatic tire, introduces the automobile shaft transmission technology, adds the positioning chip, the communication SIM card, the intelligent lock and the high speed transmission to the traditional bicycle…… The whole industry chain innovation triggered by sharing bicycles is subverting China’s traditional bicycle manufacturing industry.


at the beginning of July, the national development and Reform Commission and other eight ministries issued "on promoting the sharing of economic development guidance", which means that a new form of economy development has the norms and principles.

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