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, the first talent,

when choosing the right partner and to do poineering work together, you need to think about, whether you really respect your partner to the success of the company, whether you are willing to compromise and sacrifice personal interests in the above, if the answer is no, then you have to find another partner, sometimes not harmonious partnership. To kill a good idea, looking for a business partner who is married, for true love, marriage in the same business, a partnership between the partners need to respect each other.

Last year,

startups must not stop,

I started business from the United States before 2003, and I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than ten years.

for startups, speed and growth are very, very important. Silicon Valley has a maxim, a little vulgar, but very direct: Keep, growing, fuck, everything, else. Only growth is important, and everything else is unimportant. As long as you maintain high growth rates, all problems will at least be tolerated, covered, or won’t erupt in the short run. Maybe a lot of problems at that time were a problem. When you grew up ten times and a hundred times, it wasn’t a problem. Even without having to solve it, he disappeared.

a good partner can help you succeed faster, the selection criteria must first be like-minded, that is, you must have the same dream, so as to run in a way, to jointly face the challenges ahead on the road, and not because of the concept of discord and mutual constraints. Moreover, it is important that the chosen partner and you can complement each other, and he must be able to help you complete the short board, otherwise it will be of little value.

when I started mySimon, I was just a passionate, hard working engineer with a lot of experience in business, law, and marketing. This time I think of Mike, he and I have worked together for a year, we understand each other, but also a very strong friendship and partnership, the founder of mySimon, we agreed to make partner.

the following content, according to Wang Xing in many occasions to share the collation. There are a lot of Wang talking about the company, but you may find it difficult to read an article about him.

but everything has a negative example. A lot of problems are out of control and out of order because the enterprise is going too fast. In my own experience, the United States Group is the first group buy site, but in <

, and one suggestion is that you don’t stop to solve a problem because something is important. Startups must not stop. There’s no problem worth stopping or even slowing down, which can only cause problems.

I have three entrepreneurial experience, the first two paragraphs are very unsuccessful, the United States from 2010 to the present development of OK, along the way, I have a lot of experience to share with you. But remember, no one is able to apply the experience, whether it is my own experience, or someone else’s summary, each seemingly correct advice, in the actual process of business you can find many examples.

respect is important, but this is only the inner identity must be materialized as the provisions, that is the division of labor must do beforehand, the way to determine the distribution of benefits in the process of cooperation, so as to avoid contradictions appeared out of nowhere, no laws, it is very important to many people at the beginning of cooperation partnership is very harmonious, but there are many problems in some of the difficulties encountered, the last part.

media has said of Wang Xing: "he is a very special existence, it is very difficult for us to give this" special "a precise definition, Wang has his A and B, in response to the question about the company’s problems, he is extremely concerned about logic and accuracy, while talking about personal problems, he allowed himself to loosen up a little bit."

this sentence is to a great extent, because in the entrepreneurial process we also experienced many similar things, beauty group today has a lot of problems, but the most important thing is to maintain sustained growth, so many problems to solve at least the opportunity.

Wang Xing never lacks a story.

Chinese has a very popular film "Chinese partner", I think it is great, it is not only a good inspirational story, in fact, this is what happened in the real story of many companies on the body, I think for the first time entrepreneurial people first need to find talent is partner, shlf1314, Alibaba, Tencent successfully express this point we are.

Abstract: Wang Xing said, "first of all, concentration is the focus of things, not to do a lot of things.". But if your business scope is set too small, sometimes complacent, finally you will find that you completely lost in the pattern, no matter how hard it is not possible to win.

There are a lot of problems in the process of starting an

talent is the most valuable asset, which is the eternal truth, all the competition ultimately reflect the competition, so for start-up companies, the ability to attract excellent talents is very important, which is directly related to the success of the company.

works with Mike. We can complement each other. I’m responsible for technology and products. He’s in charge of the legal, business, marketing, and overall operations of the company. This gave me a very good opportunity to learn, but also gained a lot of experience. Mike taught me a lot of experience in business and entrepreneurship, and I helped Mike understand technology and products better, and worked very well together, which was one of the core factors for mySimon’s success.

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