What about if the beginnerOnce the nation’s biggest public web site it is now being bought

even, they also canceled the original 10% commission income, the plan is to burn money to attract more projects.

this is also named in 2013, took the Jingwei China and Intel’s millions of dollars of investment reasons.

here, even a lot of people do not agree, now the national advocate of innovation, a lot of people scratching their heads to come up with a new idea, how do you do. In fact, there is no question of innovation, the development of the industry does need innovation, but that is for people familiar with the industry, in other words, veteran is the need to think about. In the network industry, there is an old saying: new, innovative, and die, copy the success; Laoniao, innovation, stubborn is dead.

raised all the chips and offered market and channel services to start-ups, and later attracted domestic technology companies to follow suit.

91 in addition to financial loans, insurance, public record business space, there is also a platform to raise the public to raise the public called stars. There is a saying that, named time after the acquisition will become a part of the stars to raise public platform, retain the name at the same time, continue to do cultural and creative projects to raise the public, may be involved in intelligent hardware.

In an interview with curiosity daily in 2014,

launched in 2011, the division of time support project categories covering design, film, animation, community, science and technology, income depends on the success of the project to each pumping into 10%, which is the most frequent source of income to raise public website.

April 2014, named time to raise all other categories are cut off, just do intelligent hardware, into a smart hardware starter, pre-sale of electricity supplier. Roll call time that intelligent hardware "attract eyeballs, customers unit price", simply speaking, is to rely on to make a higher profit market.

to this end, named time is almost from the source of the industrial chain, and spent a lot of effort to provide a full range of services for intelligent hardware projects. In addition to doing common market, supply chain support, the roll call time will also help distribution through thousands of channels online and offline, in the capital, product quality control is also more stringent.

Zhang You said he thought the model would not work in China, and that he wanted to focus more on one direction, that is, intelligent hardware.

roll call has not been successful. The competitors it faces are all big companies.


but that didn’t bring enough money to call the roll call.

in 2014 on the roll call time quite popular project, small K 2 generation modular socket, on-line on the day to get a million yuan

The acquisition of

network item >

named time was once the nation’s largest congregation to raise websites.

has a unit to Jiangxi Mount Sanqingshan mountain, I suggest that we take a shortcut, I watched a shortcut to the top of the mountain, the guide shook his head, I said, you are too stupid, I see a shortcut, go directly from the pass, just to the top of the hill, the tour guide told me that he he said that 40 years of living in the mountains, the road is now walking is the best, the shortcut is not possible, because the front of the rock, simply can not go. Yes, just as I like, I see a shortcut, also called them SB, they told me that they had been thoroughly studied, just as some people told us that he saw the network shortcut, that we do not see, perhaps your shortcut is in front of the rock.

The two transformation of the Naming >

Hello, I’m Ling Bo, these days have been busy, just to catch up with the earthquake in Japan, but also pay more attention to life, in the face of nature is so small, people have to feel that life is short, cherish the moment is the most meaningful thing, well, cut the crap, talk to you today and talk, do Wangzhuan project. What I fear most is the novice do Wangzhuan, often many accept the intention of the user consultation, many people asked most of the sentence is: as a novice, do Wangzhuan business, what most afraid of? This is a good question, the majority of the people are engaged in promotion of Wangzhuan think, how to answer this question, who is not born to understand network, is from novice to start, step by step, up to today, I think as a person, answer the question It suits me fine. Here I also give my own answer, that is, most afraid of innovation, but also blind innovation.

‘s largest public raising websites, named by a company called 91 financial acquisition, a number of media to 91 financial confirmation, in the past two days have been confirmed news.

‘s curiosity daily tried to contact the founder and CEO Zhang You of the roll call and was temporarily not responding. It has not yet been informed of the amount of the roll call.

is now the network entrepreneurs, all want to do a very good, what Chinese biggest what station, let the whole China XX came on, in fact you don’t think about it, why should stand up to you, you have what characteristics, the others can copy you, you have you do not have the core competitiveness, the competitiveness of others can be copied? You just think about innovation, is never thought of a core of the problem is the traffic problem, traffic is king, only to solve the traffic problems, it can be developed in the network mode, again good, no execution, no traffic patterns, even three, have a first-class execution, can also bring traffic, so now the network competition is actually the best team promotion execution of the dispute, creativity is not the most important, also is not the most important, the most important It’s first-class execution.

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