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Hello, everyone today to talk about another way: small talk about the use of marketing software for novice Taobao guests help.

earlier Uber in the United States, Lyft, and domestic drops just swept the time, once the main social ideas, allowing users to make friends with the driver, and even was born a lot of carpooling software, let use >

sang it, POPs are social direction once the main partial entertainment, can import existing relationships chain, hoping to quickly form a gathering of friends circle entertainment culture, but also the basic little effect.

with all these considerations, I picked up the weapon in my hand. The first one was the email search software. The second is the blog group, build mass software.

some time ago, a real friend told me he was going to do Taobao, I said how do you know the past, he is playing online games, which shows off the Taobao concept has gained, he said that Ali’s mother every day looking at the guest billboard itch itch, ha ha, everyone heart itch, wait second days will be able to see your mom member name in it, so I helped my friend used to do a Dede station, told him some simple promotion methods, then he confidently ran for two weeks, and then miserably to find me, say it that is a lie, he spread for a long time, no one to buy things, this is actually the most novice Amoy has this idea. In fact, not others lie, but some friends did not find the right way, today for me this way another way, but there are many experts have already used this method to make money. Friends who want to make money quickly can test it in my own way.

early in 2010 during the 3Q war, the Tencent hit one of two cards, or uninstall 360, or uninstall , people may have forgotten a detail, when many portals and Internet giant game companies and entrepreneurs have quickly launched their own instant messaging software to use public opinion to build momentum, an attempt to seize and transfer the user, but ultimately failed.

first of all, we should consider the majority of Taobao consumers shopping mentality, first, to be cheap and fine, to let them accept prices, but also to pass the quality of things. Second, we must consider the purchase of the crowd, can not be recommended, you put the breast products diet is recommended for men, who will buy? The most is to buy their own girlfriend, but the purchase amount will be greatly reduced, so did a lot of useless white. If you recommend a lady, the amount of purchases will increase considerably, even if not 100%. Forget who is the guest expert once said Taobao is making money in the female passenger number. Ha ha,

Abstract: these walls are really interesting. You hate it at first, then you get used to it. After a considerable amount of time, you will depend on it.

"Pokemon Go" fire this year, but it also draws on social ideas, people summed up it can become a focus of explosion, because it is a push otaku out of exercise exercise artifact. Game developers also hope that through the power of fans to drive the game players are driven by a small wizard to promote outdoor social and fitness culture.

from the Internet giants to entrepreneurs: people are obsessed with social

in the Internet industry, whether giants or entrepreneurs, have dreamed of cutting off a hole from the social portal, the achievement of a social Empire dream. But the extent of the dream can be imagined. WeChat made a shake, unfamiliar street early models Peiliao, most pieces began to let their employees to take a taxi, Alipay now quietly on the line of life circle, exudes youth hormone white-collar diary and a number of large scale campus diary Jingxian female students and white-collar portrait. Alipay is a variable pay Bao noisy on the dust.

first, e-mail marketing methods in the past on the A5 have a friend wrote by email guest articles we can see under the operation method of the friend of the search, here I told him the operation is slightly different, first we use electronic mail search software for email address batch search, a search software will take him to grab the mail all the complete data preserved now, then I will classify the gender, age, although a lot of information on the Internet is false, but this classification is also able to attract maximum bulk purchases, but the group must have the skills, do you know why there are spam term why? The electronic mail carriers of anti spam spam? What is the origin of? I told everyone: the biggest reason This is what users report, and then those large email operators will review it based on the amount you send. As long as we can grasp the mass of the mass with the method, as long as that degree, then it won’t become spam, here to recommend a A>

in fact, from the history of the Internet, not only Ali want to do social networking, from giants to entrepreneurs, almost all want to catch the social express, rapid scale development. In recent years, mobile phone APP presents the development social bursting, although there have been data show that 100 of the death of APP, accounting for 35% of the highest social class, social class APP mortality, but still can not stop the entrepreneur to various vertical segments of the APP social entrepreneurship tide. A search in all kinds of application market, the main female bestie, gay social, social city social, social, social, meal about 90 social picture and so on all kinds of social software emerge in an endless stream.

early in 2015 on the eve of the Spring Festival, Alipay red had blocked WeChat later, Ali launched an emergency "red password" function to prevent the blocked again. Today, the Spring Festival and approaching, Alipay’s natural anxiety as can be imagined.


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