Talk about Ali mom advertising allianceBehind 90 entrepreneurs star behind the push and bragging uns

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some time ago to do the Ali Mama advertising promotion, the price is not very high, but also the investment for small Adsense, feeling sad, visible "heartbreaking". Ali mother really feel no way out.

, put the screenshot of these two days first, let’s have a look at it, and then make a detailed analysis. the name of the specific website is blurred

more and more about the number of users, and the unspoken rules, in fact, I say these are nothing new. Generally done Internet business operators should have in mind. The number of so-called media reports is generally just for reference. Most media notes >

5 click on the class of the site without webmaster audit, not afraid of the same between the station will not pass the problem. Ha ha, such competition is still very attractive.

bragging is actually the "unspoken rule" of the industry,

3 I think that do a lot of advertising taste, because stations everywhere can see your design pictures, text, can seem the. Secretly smile oh.

first, some of the business operations and data description in great controversy in the video of Yu Jiawen, such as the number of users exceeded 10 million, such as access to tens of millions of dollars in investment and Alibaba, such as next year profit of 1 hundred million employees and so on, many people think that he is too big, even caused a lot of friends peeling and interpretation. As for his big east trying to say is, in fact it is the Internet industry’s unspoken rule".


these days, a man named Yu Jiawen 90 entrepreneurs in the CCTV program on a speech video crazy pass in the circle of friends, the title is also very alarmist: "a 90, the entire Internet circle have infuriated…." let me can not help but point to go read the whole video. And today in different groups, see the discussion about this video, really let me out.

finally show his station, navigation tturl<> every day

analysis results:

1, the amount of financing

1 to find their own needs of the site, this function is too good, as long as the cooperation with alimama, where you want to put where; the drawback is to wait, not long advertising to the wheel.

2 do not do a small web site, we all know why.

on the other hand, why do enterprises freely say the amount of financing, investors are generally default, in fact, this is also a tacit agreement between investors and investors. No more investment Fangba blowing, so maybe you can draw it more disk access man. All this, in fact, the amount of financing but also public relations practices, including the recording program in CCTV said more than good Alibaba get tens of millions of dollars of investment, we would like to listen, not too much reliable.

on the amount of financing false or enlarged, this is actually the unspoken rules of the industry. This is mainly decided by two factors, one is more sensitive about the investment in this matter, in general, start-ups are reluctant to disclose the specific investment figures and investment proportion, because it is very easy to be calculated the overall valuation of the company. Therefore, in the investment figures on this matter, enterprises are generally ambiguous, generally common expression is tens of millions of dollars, or tens of millions, this statement is very imaginative, so that the media can not fathom. However, as long as the investment is confirmed, the news value of the media has been obtained, so most of the media will not understand how much investment.

other should have many advantages and disadvantages. I found it myself. All are welcome to discuss it. Helps us increase our income, IP.


2, about the number of users

recently opened a website on the weather forecast function such as: Beijing weather forecast, see , tturl/weather/54511.html or major online portals have launched their own weather forecasts, that there is a need for the Internet users, also on a bar, the technology is not very complex, can be said to be a relatively simple things haha! But a few poor people every day, I feel very unwilling ah, but for me it is utterly ignorant of network marketing. You know, alimama, it’s better to know that one is better than nothing. Holding the attitude of trying to see, once again entered the embrace of alimama. The last to do is long time and billing, this is the so-called test test fee click on it long ago that alimama has many loopholes, a pay per click can not be too much investment, 5 yuan into the first test, because their stations will do alimama advertising, so there still have some money. Started the click road.

actually, because the enterprise can only listen to the story, said the amount of financing enterprises most media reports are mixed with water, and even some of the water is quite large. The East building also often hear some business executives privately gossip, which actually reported that tens of millions of dollars of business, only to gain millions of yuan investment.

4 some people say sh419 will have many shielding alimama ads, I also suspect who has to know everything, but may wish to talk about can think again, this is not conducive to the chain of so-called? SEO maybe able to function, it is not benefit included

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