am from a monthly income of tens of thousands of Taobao wise remark of an experienced personHow to

and the price of the product, I set 200 yuan, then I also do a lot of activities to increase the number of customers purchase quantity, I is set to buy three sent a, buy four get two, buy five get three, I do this activity is very good, because the first batch of customers for the first time to buy you the product will always have some doubts, generally buy a set to try the effect how, in the next time I return visitors reached 70%, and basically is to buy four or five sets of people, because they are that good results, taking advantage of this to send to buy, so I sold very well of course, my product effect is also very good.


notes: some couples often ask, off-season came, what should I do? Every day very idle, have nothing to do, one day of inquiry are not boring, good Oh, maybe there are a lot of people will be so complaining……

many webmaster is to promote the products of others to get a commission, the ratio is generally ranging from 30-50%, in fact, you can also consider their products, in fact, do not you think so difficult products, he is I do their own products to sell, so the cost is relatively low income is relatively high, my weight is the product I do not have their own production line, nor what its own proprietary products, our products are all our local pharmacy, so I am a weight loss product purchase cost just 30 yuan, but the product has no side effect, but the effect is also good to lose weight so many customers feel very good.

off-season attack, continue to study hard,

for my promotion methods is also very simple, you can think of slimming products are certainly for women, we can from the group to start, give you a http://s.qun./air/search/cnum/0/st/0/c1/0/c2/0/c3/0/pg/1/tx/%E5%A5%B3%E7%94%9F

in May last year, I just want to register a month’s time, there has been no orders, purchase information found in Ali, I find my first single click here, can look down at that time to write this post soon, Ali ~ purchase information to win in the first single, the first time to write such a long post, but also by the moderator and the essence of that time was very happy, so the mood like now is a lot of new people.

customers has become more and more popular, many webmaster friends are crazy to join the ranks, there are a large number of Taobao site open day, this industry revenue is very violent, will attract so many webmaster friends into madness, and today I have to share my long standing and you how to reach a monthly income of tens of thousands of secret.


at this time last year, I was also a newcomer, with no regular clients and no new clients. My Ali account was registered in April 9, 2012. I don’t know what’s the time of registration, the Alibaba integrity is do not know how to operate, I’m in the Alibaba "inside the mess look, see some good posts in the home, their own will go in. I see a lot of thinking of their own can also do that? Most of the time so that when I asked myself, even a shop are not registered, is itself a free shop, then do not use online banking, even individuals are not real name authentication, how can a Ali Wangwang like this one order

Recently, Taobao

Wang Pu, will not take care of Wang Pu, not the integrity of operations, nor Pu decoration, that time had also lost their own, do not know where to start, then got into the forum, met a week, because the week Youjin SAARC, then came to the business growth before the network understanding the crooked training, sister, sister is crooked to teach me how to learn to use certification, Alipay is topclass Yuan Yiming taught here, sincerely thank you. When the growth of the business mix mixed forum, I opened a personal real name authentication, the free shop free, but Wang Pu is certainly not a business, because the rankings do not come, no certification Wang Pu, need your products to customers will not find you, because there is no guarantee. At that time, in addition to mixing forums, is to buy information inside looking for information, keep looking, every day that the purchase information turned over several times. In the purchase of information inside, but also really let me find my second list.

search directly inside: girls, women lose weight, such as keywords, inside there will be a lot of such information group, then we can add promotion, I repeat every day to do these things, every day will have at least 10 to buy, so the effect is not wrong.


no business, where should the business come from,

I put the product channel is done, then is about the site above the packing, I use the camera to take the product box, as well as the inside of the drug to all shot down, and then put its own website, but he also wrote a lot of details and instructions, and then the user evaluation of previously purchased message and all screenshots and on their own website, the packaging of such products is almost done.

in fact, there are a lot of "East" for this industry

never misses every opportunity to buy information, like the first single


6-7-8 basically is the off-season, significantly fewer orders, purchase information inside information is updated more slowly, so start learning how to decorate the Pu, Pu is the customer into the store first we see things moving round the big company head, etc.; learning how to use PS to make pictures. The picture is beautiful, attract the attention of customers. How to release quality products >

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