Not only is Wangzhuan and nternet game is more and their rivalryThe first half Kuangzhuan 400 thous

from your mouth without brushing is that you are not confident, and did not go to the actual operation, how can we talk about entrepreneurship two characters? I was a typical 90, yesterday to give you a idea, you see that you talk rubbish heap


here I admit I didn’t you high degree, I just used the most simple language to express, but you use "nonsense" to summarize, I am uncomfortable, you TMD you to write a no nonsense, I wrote how rotten? Poor people are willing to pay for his article I write, you may not have the high degree with you.

When you

as the saying goes: "no rape is not" look at these big companies Kangshifu Yili Shuanghui food had problems, they do not pit? You purchase 5 yuan, 10 yuan this price is also the pit? To do business is not pit pit, how to make money? Who could not do lose money the sale of.

first answer: "selling fakes, pits, bragging force" this problem

regressed two words is the blowing of the wind, the blow does not blow, do business will be bragging, which praises not say their own bitter melon, if you are a boss, the customer needs to buy your goods, you will certainly boast of their products of good quality.


answers again: "nonsense, write the article so rotten"

… ". ?

well, I told this handful of people today, Ben, I don’t know what brand of stinky tofu you’ve eaten. You can spew such low intelligence and no quality comments. Do you come for {

with the development of the Internet in the past two years, more and more Wangzhuan is known, from the beginning of the typing money, up to now, SEO, Witkey website template sales, Wangzhuan form is continually updated, I also Wangzhuan enthusiasts, although they have their own work, but this did not keep me in Wangzhuan road progress, sometimes their own website Taobao customer business is good, will be higher than their wages. Perhaps everybody envies now my website management condition, but what I want to say is the heart plants flower not to open, unintentionally insert willow willow shady. I had to Wangzhuan when thinking of a lifetime by the life, for Wangzhuan invested one hundred and two percent enthusiasm, but the outcome? Myself to think the future is too good, who knows the money I earned 11.2 yuan in the first month, it is not enough for a meal, for which I almost quit Wangzhuan the road.

then think in addition to their own lack of experience, some also didn’t have the right mentality, after all Wangzhuan not everyone can imagine easily, which in addition to technology, more is the idea. I thought about it for several days, and then I wanted to know what time it was, so I made persistent efforts and put my ideas into practice. In fact, after a few years, his mind much and mature a little, looked at the surrounding colleagues more and more involved in Wangzhuan industry, today I want to share a few Wangzhuan views to everyone, I hope everyone can have a reference, detours.

Wangzhuan need passion, more sensible, not what can be achieved.

, for example, when you’re looking for someone to help you introduce, you’re going to brag about your strengths. But certainly not to exaggerate your existing reference material. This is to illustrate the point, bragging force is also technical, but the naked eye can not see through what can be blown. So, in today’s society, if you don’t brag, you can’t do business.

I ask you: "how many Chinese real?" you think of doing business in the WeChat circle is selling fake, not when you are silly when Taobao Tmall B, shopping is that really? When you eat a drainage oil, clenbuterol, drink when you are too sour beverage containing that is not really

also said: "I have you this out of order the cultural level of the Internet? Do you know what people are studying this?" I wonder, who TMD the provisions of the low culture cannot study the Internet, Li Xingping junior high school founded hao123, the Russian Ternovs.

yesterday for hasty wrote an article "90 business circle of friends: sleight of hand earn millions" in the publication instantly detonated without the integrity of a group of people, some people say: "you this is selling fake" bragging "also said:" nonsense, to write the text chapter bad, so I can write…….

Wangzhuan in many cases, follow it, like 04 years of blog is like a fire, I wanted to get a blog, write something, and rely on the flow of money, think of the time will laugh. But blogging is really like we’re talking about simple? Obviously not, can attract the attention of users of the article should be a professional or a hotspot perspective article, but this article we must not write these civilians, so the operation of the blog is so far. Later he came in contact with the construction site, and then use the most simple form of making a simple website, is also on the click ratio, but also specifically to the shlf1314 alliance pull point high price advertising, but the commission only $100 to cash, in desperation, has let a friend help brush the click rate, later told me due to malicious click cancel all of the Commission, I was the collapse ah, is really bad, after all his busy for so long time. But then think about yourself too soon, like building a house, not too fast, because the foundation instability would affect the future development of the industry, and the number of Wangzhuan growing, if you really want to have a certain expertise in the Amoy a gold, the only way to to create their own advantages, as I love posting in the forum, and some main relations better, so it involves.

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