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in my opinion, classification is a very efficient business model, which is the core reason classification mode in various countries eventually prosperity, is a low cost, through a unified model to take the market. So it only takes dozens of people to do it without thousands of people.

5 and navigation design are easy to search engine search.

58 and go to the market is different, they mainly business based, by collecting membership fees, the merchant’s information moved to the Internet, through the purchase of traffic, so that businesses have effective information.

4, make sure that keywords appear in the first paragraph of your text.

1, add Web title Title.

in addition to the title of the page, many search engines will search for the META tag. This is a declarative text that describes the content of the main text of the page. The sentence also contains the key words, phrases, etc. used in this page. This sentence is placed between pages of code. For example, at present, META tags with keywords do little to help rankings, but sometimes META tags are used in paid login technology. And who knows when the search engine will pay attention to it again,

now people network team has more than 60 people, mainly to technical personnel, there is no special sales for paid users. Because our price is very cheap for businesses, top, refresh function is starting from 1 dollars or 1 cents, this does not need to drive sales. People network through a very low price, high return, let them in the word of mouth among merchants. This is entirely different from what other competitors do.


search engine policy

search engine places a lot of emphasis on bold text, thinking it’s an important part of the page, so make sure you write your keywords in one or two bold text tags.

2 and add descriptive META tags.

search engines want to find your keywords in the first paragraph. But it shouldn’t be full of keywords. shlf1314 probably will be in the full text of every 100 words appear 1.5-2 keyword, as the best keyword density, can get good rankings. Other places where keywords can be considered can be in the ALT tags or COMMENT tags of the code.

3, fill in your keyword in bold text usually for article title.

in the people’s network, we do not distinguish between individuals and businesses, users can publish any personal information on any hot plate. Moreover, the personal information of the homepage of the people’s network can be retained for a long time, but in 58, go to the market, it may soon be submerged in the information of the merchant. These differences suggest that we value information value, not who pays for it.

for the release of information, each month there is a fixed number of postings, for individuals without any restrictions, but there are restrictions on businesses, so the proportion of people’s network of personal information should be much greater than the business. Businesses are understandable, and no one wants to see a merchant send one hundred pages a day to take up all of this page. If you press the number of posts, the final may become only a few people play, adhering to the principle of fairness, everyone has the opportunity, but the opportunity is limited. If you exceed the free release limit, you can pay for it, and each is between 1 and 2. Even if the most popular category, a month sent 20, and if you want to re send, you can spend two yuan a release. Not only fair, but also control the quality of information.

at present, the scale of income is not our main consideration, and our profit is the highest among these classified information websites. People’s network operating costs are very low, but the amount of users is great. There is no membership fee for the people on the Internet

some people use frameworks in Web authoring, but that’s a serious problem for search engines. Even if the search engine finds your content page, you may miss the key navigation section, and you can’t enter the search for other pages. The navigation buttons made with Java and Flash look pretty and beautiful, but the search engines can’t find them. The remedy is in >

cattle masterpiece website promotion 29 Dafa e

and even though the people, the 58 and the paying merchants are all businessmen, the business logic behind them is different. The core of the business is to let most people can publish information on the website free of charge, not to do business marketing solutions, although the realization of the part of the business. We seem to be shlf1314, sh419 natural search way, users see in the people’s network is based on personal information, while there are some places for merchants. This model is not around the promotion of merchants as the center of the model, that is, for information and information to provide a platform for people, this point of view, mainly to C2C.

writes a descriptive caption of 5-8 words per page. The title should be concise, remove " the, " " and; " these unimportant words, to explain the page, the site’s most important content is what?. The page title will appear in the search results page link, so you can write a provocative, to attract the search click on the link. The title of a web page is between pages of code, such as. Also write your company name and your most important keywords on the front page, not just the company name.


ranks top among the major search engines with the most important keywords on the web, which is the most important strategy in search engine promotion. Search engine " search robot spiders" will automatically search for web content, so search engine policy starts with optimizing Web pages.

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