Website profit tips how to make every user into a core userThey do Taobao monthly earn 10 thousand

do Taobao guest, unlike doing web site, the chain can not play much role

someone do is purely hobbies, but do not want to profit? Interest may be dynamic webmaster built the site early, but if a site, not promote profitability, owners will eventually lose interest on the site, dingy left.

they do Taobao customers, earn 10 thousand per month, it’s easy

then the problem is: let your website and how to achieve profitability? This kind of webmaster, he can do, by the SEO alliance has brought a lot of IP, but these IP finally settle down but the proportion is very small, then how to establish an effective profit model? Regardless of any industry, attract repeat is profitable at all

core user role is not only can bring you money, but also bring you enough users, as long as he can affect, but the premise is your site to let him feel really useful, you took the time to do, rather than cheat website hits collection. So, a lot of time, as long as you care about the site to do well, users can naturally find you, and you do not need to promote.

bubble play platform, on-line three months have been added in 80 thousand sites, not boast not to show off, we have a lot of influence around him through the webmaster webmaster and join in, why can develop so fast? This is the core of the strength of the user, the user identity of your website, and you think the website is able to bring him profit.

to your station used to rely on the formation, your station set up the atmosphere of the user, the user is the core of you, because he has to agree with your values, and the formation of the network relationship has on your site, he will not easily leave, will bring tremendous value to you!

whether the profit model of a website can be supported for a long time depends on the number of core users of this site. In simple terms, whether we do what station uses what kind of promotion way, ultimately need to make money on the core of the user, because he can agree with your ideas and effort, willing to spend money to support you to meet his needs

How does the

webmaster all know, in the case of competitors website content is quite do rankings, spell is the quality and quantity of the chain. Many webmaster one uses it for Taobao customers, buy a domain name tied to space, upload a source program, the human acquisition related products and embedded Taobao customer promotion code, the next step is to increase the chain work, basically he knows where he can leave a message with a link to have, and seriously left comments and links, one month down, with Yahoo webmaster tools to check, the chain ten thousand or twenty thousand, thought that it should not low income, two months down, he saw his mother from Ali management panel Taobao passenger revenue is still 0, he could not understand how, so the chain many ranking is also good, why there is no

I’m also a Taobao customer. Why didn’t I make any money,

? !

some people may ask, "do you say Taobao G I also do some profitable, Taobao customers, why I can’t make any money?" let me tell you so many things not only in techniques in size, do not make money off of Taobao, is not lost in the input energy into time, but lost in the premise of the same method; all the efforts, people do Taobao customers earn money that is because their methods in place.

again, how should the website develop the user, and let each user become your core user?. The key is that the user has something to do, and if the user turns around on your website and then walks away without any action, then you can be sure that your site is a failure. Let the user stay, you must have to attract his content, let him in your website constantly operation, operation.

you can ask those who earn 405 per day by Taobao customers who ask their website how much traffic one day, their answer will certainly frighten you, one day 10 IP can bring them 4 orders, because it is slimming products, generally in the 100 block to the Commission on / single, 10 IP earned $400, say, 100 IP could bring them 40 orders is equivalent to 400>

do Taobao customers have traffic, no income of the site is too much, the problem is where? Conversion rate?. You may not know what you do to those on the long tail traffic, more than half of all competitors in search, unless they got a problem you will Taobao customers to buy things through. Therefore, the high ranking, there are traffic, but can not flow into a transaction, even if there is a big flow, but also garbage flow, there will be no income.


Taobao guest website, ranking high, traffic does not mean that people will buy

allow users to produce continuous operation, dependence on your web site? We might as well do a game channel, not the kind of game is very complex, simple on your website to be able to play, the specific way is to join a web game platform, the better, the profit is considerable union.popwan some bubbles, then increase a game channel on your website to do publicity, guided by.

For example

in the dense website making money, blog money making method, do Taobao guest is not the most money to live, but I feel that do Taobao customers is the easiest money to live. Do Taobao off the threshold is low, less restrictive, competitive words can not speak aside, because no one wants to go with others in order to bone scraping, apparently Taobao guest is a piece of fat meat.

, whether it is the main key or long tail keywords, in the search index is not low premise, ranking do up, there is flow.


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