What are the prerequisites for making web sites profitableGood a single small business income brou

do the above planning, and then the site is on-line and running. In the online site before, I suggest you webmaster first content to do basic rich, and then upload to space, and then find a few friendship connection. In this way, the site on-line easily included by sh419. When the site is online, this is the most critical moment. What you need to do is to continue to optimize, and the optimization I refer to includes the following aspects. Including every article, content can be optimized. After this website has been collected, you don’t have to worry about traffic. After the flow up, we can find and match their advertising, put up to pull. Advertising can also be optimized, so as to reflect the greatest value of their website.

first of all, to do a web site, must have preliminary preparation, I summed up two steps.

today is really a bit cool today, because the same customer turnover of a few single business, a single and a single big yo? Inviting?

    today it is normal and the usual morning opened his eyes and ran out of the office, no time to eat breakfast not that I’m late, but I generally do not eat

to the office first thing, what? Turn on the computer? No, my computer never shuts off. Ha ha, what? Do you think it will break? No, the computer company is fully insured

VPN is very practical, so I do it every day, so my computer can not be switched off, and the company’s office file storage server will not shutdown, because I want to install the system or

install software to find software on the server, how to realize these? To this information or experience and I can talk about ichishi.

I don’t put

second things open display, third pieces of course is the same as you, , fourth, and SKYPE MSN, I don’t. Because few people use it;

politely greeted first, but she did not return I use this to her, because she is a MM, well, do not go back. Don’t disturb her, because I know that time is money, I also hope to work

I as usual answer "yes, what a thing can help you?"

"can not, because the market can dish on the bargain, and this is the result of energy, can not bargain, and demonstrate exactly the same, can give you a demonstration and testing"

second steps to determine the site template and theme based on the first step.

the first step: positioning the market.

what is the purpose of doing web site, there are 3 purposes, one is public welfare, one is service, and the other is overall commercial. Therefore, a website, select the crowd and the market is the key, it relates to your website traffic and value.

more and more websites nowadays, it is not so easy to make a profitable and beautiful website. How to maximize the interests of the site, it is worth all novice webmaster priority thinking.

well, do it here, then your website can start to really make money for you. I guess wealth belongs to the prepared man. My -314577746

is a beautiful and personal characteristics of the website is a necessary factor to attract everyone, do site or do, it must have its own template as my www.goooogl.cn. As an individual webmaster, learning site knowledge is still necessary. Can not ask others to help you do a web site, and later every day to find someone to help you maintain. This has affected your website’s prospect, and has not been able to optimize your website according to your own meaning. Others say good: spend hundreds of yuan to buy a website, not flowers, hundreds of Yuan learning to make web site. Personal website to maximize the benefits, only their most clear. It’s hard for others to do what you mean. All, promising personal webmaster, must have a certain station building technology.

site content from the webmaster tutorial network: www.cnzzjc pioneered.

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