Several creative website promotion methodsHand travel business need to fly 5 qualities

all products Mobile Games soaring news, find your sister before failure of the 4 games, Chengdu Digital Sky experienced change radically in recent years. In this area, the basic success or success has been in the gaming industry for many years. If you’re just a programmer and you think you’re smart and you’re good at learning, you can develop games with these books, so you’d better go into the game company and work for two or three years. Write programs should be clear, the same function, program master and beginners can achieve it, but the difference is great.

hand travel industry changes too much, basically 3 months, a small change, 6 months a big change. Chengdu also encountered some entrepreneurs, 6 months continuing product development, product development looked up to find this type of game has.

The team had failed to ignore New Year’s day, I believe that many of my friends received a greeting card sent to friends and relatives from , MSN, E-mail, which is more popular than a few more creative pictures, they only need to enter the link you want to bless the name of the person, then the text will appear in the picture to the unknown so people may think that this is your new year gift specially produced for them, moved in a complete mess. You pass it on to me, and I’ll pass it to him. It won’t take long. These pictures will soon appear in forums or blogs, making it spread faster. This is called viral marketing in network marketing. It is one of the most effective means of publicity, because of its fast spread and wide coverage. Coupled with some of the previously observed creative methods of publicity, here I sum them up, I hope we can bring some reference.

pictures of viral marketing

two, Forum promotion


4. product development phase, you must always understand the market situation,

2. launched the best team 3 people portfolio: main policy + main process + market

Mobile Games industry fire, tens of millions of monthly income exposed a lot, will attract a large number of young people left their homes. The uncle met every kind of tea Mobile Games entrepreneurial team, also witnessed the team also witnessed soaring earning million, the team disbanded to find work. Here, summed up a few believe that the fly hand travel process, for your reference.

3. product development period has enough funds to support

with some investors exchange, the team structure generally love triangle combination, partly because the 3 words in the dispute when the decision is easy to produce, fewer people can easily lead to too many people What I say goes. disagreement, difficult decisions. And the 3 most suitable combination is CEO decision-making, CTO Master Cheng, COO do operations and markets. Mobile games can be released by proxy, so it is not necessary to operate and promote it. But for mobile games, it is only with their own operations that they can master the initiative. Once met a team of 4 people, each 25% of the equity, directly lead to slow decision-making.

1. founder, at least 3 years of game production experience,

Mobile Games venture with other different, at least a few months without any income, and made a good game one or two people basically is very difficult to achieve, it must be put in human, while most of the game product art and sound are the need for outsourcing, this is also a fee. So there is no opportunity for grassroots travel, or founder of several hundred thousand self raised funds, or take some angel investment. If you’re counting on a few founders for months without the company to make the product, that’s a small possibility. Even if you can do it, the quality of the product is guaranteed. Therefore, to start doing hand start the money is necessary.

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