Several small ways to effectively promote a web site

has not published an article in A5 for a while. Today, a whim, send an article. Where to think about where to write, we exchange.

now the domain name registration problem let people feel head, huh. I also like before. For the good domain name, last year to delete the record information, the results again by time, this is not just a few months to prepare. Now for the real name. When the owners of the US every day to do it well.

paoti ha, want to write about yourself for the most effective website promotion methods summarize today is good, you do look a little experience.

I think the promotion of the website should vary with the pattern of the Internet, we can’t stick with the old, whether the traditional Links, website optimization, Forum blog promotion way, or the emerging SNS, replies the top promotion way, have a try to summarize, can be very good the effect of.

How many have introduced

online promotion methods too much, think, method does not necessarily make a good effect. We must find a suitable method, and it is simple to acme, moves well is the trick ah. Here is my own practice that the promotion method is effective. I used it several, with every day, but also simple and not very tired, a long time, still can get good effect.

1, I think the search engine promotion law:

now do stand, is the basic method we love the most. I think in submission to search engines and add links before, must make the site well, should optimize the place fully optimized. Many webmaster class website promotion column, seems to have become SEO zone. SEO’s best method is web code specification, access speed, unique content, less repetition, useful to the Internet users, but also unique. Search engines have been modeling people’s thinking, so your website is well made, so you have more than half of it. Search website function is to integrate network resources, to find the most suitable web site content, to other sites to bring traffic, is its unexpected role.

2, very practical soft text promotion method,

this in the A5 already has too many introduction, I also study side summary for their own methods, look, this article is not a soft text? Ha ha. Yes, that’s the simple thing. Before you send the soft, you must clear your website promotion target crowd, in the promotion before, want to express what their feelings, and then tidy up the train of thought, writing and promotion. In the promotion, it is necessary to analyze those forums to get good IP traffic. PV conversion high. Then focus on these BBS post promotion. As you all know, the weight of A5 is very high, so I put the starter at A5. That’s the point. In the article, cleverly add their web site. A soft text on the written. This >

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