Enthusiastic insistence is the foundation of success

do not know when you do web site, have you considered such a few questions,


1. why do I have to do this station,


2., where is the market for this site?

3. do this website, where do you get your passion from?

4., how well are you going to make the site,


I want to say, if you can figure out these 4 questions, you are not far from success. Why do I say that, because doing web work is the same as usual, and there are a few potential things that you can do well if you can take control of it.

maybe someone will ask: "you say those who understand that the website needs optimization techniques, the need for the promotion of SEO," OK, when confronted with such questions I have only one word answer: "these skills you can learn, promotion can be bought."

take the www.qjiequ.cn station as an example.

1., I’m going to do the station because it’s easy, because I’m going to make money with it. (don’t scold me, this is the real answer, and someone for something else.)

2., the market for this station is the QQ, the non mainstream. There are more than 100 million people playing QQ, the non mainstream of at least 10 million, this is the market.

3., in fact, to do a good thing, the most needed is passion. Everything is difficult at the beginning, doing the same thing, 1 months passed, GOOGLE included 133 articles, and Baidu was 0. (of course, in China, GOOGLE is not much used.). I do not know other people’s new station is how, this is considered a kind of blow it. But if this station do lose enthusiasm, then I tell you as early as possible don’t do good. Passion must persist, but persistence is not always passion. Without passion, you will not innovate, and you will not learn to popularize techniques.

4. maybe you’ll say, "isn’t that the station around QQ?". Ha ha, here, I really do the purpose of the station is to flow through this station to achieve the goods trading, to create a QQ peripheral trading platform, so I can make big money.

said so much, in fact, the most important is to tell the webmaster, we do is to stand with a passion to step by step to achieve their ultimate goal, step by step, the revolution is successful, comrades still work


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