Does your website care about your visitors

1. The web site itself often ignores content

are you sure information conveyed by the text on your web site visitors know you? "If you are too complex or too professional, it is often difficult to understand, influence visitors accept website content, understand the original information website to convey, affect the visitors of the site and reduce the sales order the site is likely to earn more income is far better than imagined.

You can build

with your site more professional in the web, such as program and website backstage support section, structure, function, and for the content of the website not to do more detailed consideration, even if many websites may write a lot of professional rich text that explains the website products. Service related presentations, and did not consider whether the visitors are willing to accept, or whether to understand the text of the website, or in the form of pictures shows.

The technology of using

language in many websites, but it is difficult to understand, for the general visitors in concept and imagine, if the first impression is not easily affected by the light, then talk about how to accept the service and network products to your site? In addition, some can be called the website editing site management people love some sentences are long and complex, some of the new network words, insiders can understand the statement to convey the web content, whether these long and complex sentences are more professional, more prominent expression of the image of a website or make the site more professional? In fact, a web site for visitors to see instead, the editor himself, or limited to the industry view. It just means that the website does not care about the reader, but only from the website or the enterprise itself.

"Web, surfers, are, impatient, people., If, they, have, to, labor, to, understand, your, web, pages, web, surfers, will, go, away, to, find, site, an, easier, than, yours." are all people who are impatient. If they’re going to have a lot of fun getting to know your web pages, the Internet users might leave, thus finding a simpler relative to your site.

two, the content of the lack of consideration, failed to reflect the value of website optimization to maximize

may do most of the site optimization is very good, more conducive to search engine, and have a considerable advantage in the rankings, whether this website can occupy the industry or in the field of market, attract and retain fixed visitors a considerable part of the


is often not how, as long as we are from some competitive ranking, the site did search engine promotion part, the website is very simple to understand this denial. Site bidding rankings, indeed with a certain flow of time and visitors, but these people just passing by, not desire or

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