Discussion on the promotion points of regional pregnant women website

regional websites have become the development trend of small and medium-sized webmaster, because for small and medium-sized webmaster, the investment is relatively small, but returns are relatively fast. Site focused on development in the region, as long as the brand in the local area, it is easy to attract a variety of relevant local businessmen to join or purchase advertising cooperation, through various activities and businesses to enter a healthy development track.

now has a very good geographical classification, from regional forums to regional talent networks, classified information, automobile networks, decoration networks, educational networks, maternity nets, and so on. No matter which is very promising, but the promotion of each site is different, some people take in the promotion of talent network way to get pregnant promotion network, how successful?. So, what are the main points for regional pregnancy website promotion,


1, time and place

said this is the next line of promotion, no matter what we will pay attention to "day" and "location", this is not the basic. In short, it is to seize the activities of pregnant women, time and place of activity.

time is actually very good choice, generally speaking, pregnant women will not go on a hot day or a rainy day, so the weather is bad, you do not have to go outside to send leaflets and so on. In general, some pregnant women may go out for a walk in the morning, but not at all. It’s more cool in the afternoon, so this is the best time for you to promote. Promotion site, according to the local walking conditions, usually parks, residential areas, commodity street, the infrastructure of each region is different. Of course, you can also choose some places where pregnant women will go, such as maternity shops, hospitals (pregnant women can not check), pregnant women training courses and the like.

2, network interaction promotion

to do the most direct way to promote or from the network to promote, small and medium-sized Adsense is good at promoting the general way is to use SEO drainage. But for regions, the amount of traffic that can be improved by keyword optimization is very limited. Therefore, we need to rely on other promotion methods for promotion. Because the area website considers is to make the website with big stickiness, so in numerous promotion way, want to belong to interactive promotion most effective. The so-called interactive promotion, that is, in space, talk about, micro-blog, blog, equal to the local user interaction. Before carrying out promotion, stationmaster had better do homework ahead of time, learn a few basic common sense. Then, through the screening of various platforms, and then search related keywords to find the information released by pregnant women. And then interactive, indirect promotion, in the promotion process, you can directly promote the site, you can also through QQ group, a variety of ways to pay attention to the flow of preservation.

3, regional station is the best way to promote service

is the most important area of station service, as long as the pregnant women in this area has all kinds of resources required, so the promotion can pass twenty chuan-100 nature. What kind of clothes do you need?

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