Small game search search to play products the echoes of martyrs


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Author: Wang Ning

[introduction] pioneer or martyrs often become an important issue in the field of entrepreneurship. The former is the eye problem, and the latter is the question of timing. Everyone wants to be the former, but it’s easy to become the latter if you step on something a little wrong.

this time, the story of two product martyrs is a big one, a small one, each thinking. Big people know, is a "grand box"; small, not many people know now, called "search, eat, search, play", but it is almost apple App Store one of the first batch of Chinese native applications.

: do grand policy

surveyors.Chen Tianqiao

in 2004, close to 9 billion yuan worth of China in Hurun rich list topped the list, "Chinese richest man" is the highest rating this just over thirty years of age businessman. He proudly launched the grand box in 2005, which represents an important product of the grand transformation family entertainment strategy. Grand intention users entertainment center is transferred from the PC to the TV, and the big box, TV content that is not limited to online games, including news, stocks, movies and other content, it has also been summarized as "IPTV strategy".

CEO Chen Tianqiao was grand words to describe is "with the remote control on the Internet such a dream, Bill · Gates did, but failed; Bill · Gates · partner Paul best; Alan did. He also failed. Today, a Chinese company wants to continue this dream."

world is not only money form, not to mention the grand touch is playing dozens of times than its body and the interests of the big box listed less than two months, SARFT issued a "stop IPTV" business letters to the telecom and China Netcom, said the recent market is a kind of electronic device can be connected with the TV broadcast of Internet content, such as "grand entertainment.". Due to the existence of licenses, copyrights and other issues, please China Telecom and its affiliated companies to cooperate with radio and television, not to illegal enterprises to network support".

some view that Chen Tianqiao’s box strategy is no problem, or even quite advanced, and until today, many technology companies also want to do something on the TV. The problem is that the big box broadcasting system lost jobs, policy, and the policy is need time to ablation.

at least today, policy has opened the door to October 28, 2011, SARFT issued a "hold Internet TV operator license management requirements" (No. 181), to encourage the operation of Internet set-top box (OTT TV). After that, millet, music, China, China, blockbuster, Alibaba and other boxes have launched into the Internet TV industry.

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