Links are not expensive in essence


is the most effective way is to optimize site outside the chain, and the chain is the most valuable Links, Links is equivalent to a vote of confidence, if one appeared on the website of your website Links so that website will give you a website to vote for the trust of this ticket website its development is very effective, many people listen to Links is " the highest " value; the chain, so crazy exchange chain, now the SEO, site class forum "unlimited type" friends in the chain of Posts everywhere! If you think of the friends of the chain is. Then the Taizhou SEO will give you pour cold water, if your friend chain is not limited to type your site will likely not in development".

link value, I can’t deny, really high value, but the link is also the chain, you also have to follow the rules of the chain to do, at least have relevance. In fact, the chain is a lot of stress, high weight, the correlation of site chain is the most helpful, remember, a high quality chain website can save your life, such as a website by Baidu K or down the right, so if this website to get high quality and high weight Links. With their daily original content, I tell you, this website is likely will revive, Taizhou SEO blog at the time just to do the mess with the friends of the chain, but then know how to distinguish what is good for friends of the chain, the chain to get rid of a lot of unqualified, leaving some good your site chain, what is good here, I’ll give you a standard: link of website of the other side must have relevance, with your website content of website of the other side must be greater than or equal to the weight of your site, check the weight Look at the other web site links quality, this is Taizhou SEO own summary, choose friends chain of the most basic three guidelines, if you can get high weight website friends chain, that is the best.

finally, we recommend a high quality of the chain, is my own in use, although not Links, but also the high quality of the chain: their original soft A5 (soft in every submission must be added below links to your site), I feel very A5 in submission good, if you publish soft through the A5, your soft Wen is a certain quality, and high weight A5 site will make your website fast included, is not afraid to steal the soft malicious reproduced things happened, but I A5 and the main reason is because there’s article it is easy to be reproduced, reproduced and websites are the weights of the high site, there may be some high quality website webmaster to remove your links, but most websites will leave the website links, so in A 5 contribute every day outside the chain, don’t do, the effect is very good, recommend you to A5 contribution, finally, or tell you, the website friend chain is not much, in your essence,


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