A novice webmaster to talk about their feelings Wangzhuan station

everybody is good ~ I am a new person, had the honor to join Admin5 this master station, in this thanks Admin5, the stationmaster net as well as each big stationmaster gives me this study opportunity. I do not have much knowledge and experience to share with you, only a new person on the network from the heart of some feelings, and communicate with you.

I will contact the network soon, about two months time, the two months I was browsing countless websites also read countless articles in each big forum, so that the network is a place gold also decided one learning network knowledge, one day can also run a regular web site.

Since the two months in the

learning network let me most for the poor is a newcomer to the learning network knowledge is so difficult too much will not understand things too much to ask some people for you as a webmaster but also can say a contemptuous disregard a couple laughed at you what do not know what all don’t want to learn to do.

with two words some vain webmaster new classic is the evaluation of "junk" but I want to know what the station, you are not from the "junk" over here? ~ you when you are not at the network, and we want to have a new feeling good, think there is a kind of people hand over their own.

of course, everyone’s time is limited, time is precious, even if your excellent webmaster is unwilling to share his knowledge with our new people. Don’t say we are garbage ~ ~ ~ I do not know is Chinese now the national quality is not good, or the network is really so, so the lack of mutual respect of the spirit, I say this is just my personal opinion on some webmaster.

here, I hope you understand clearly, the most hateful is that there are some so-called creative web site.

decoy on the web that you pay 1000 new membership fee can become a guest at the same time can give you some network project to operate, or simply to high 3 thousand, 5 thousand of the price to sell you some network project let you earn 300 -500 in fact these projects, but is a message register things with QQ attract the flow of things, things at the beginning of message register is indeed a network project, but now do not know how many people are there in the.

, why are you creative stations trying to trick our new people into operating them at high prices? I also spent 500 dollars (the original creative station last year, the highest price of ten thousand is now 1 thousand and 5) to buy the message register this thing, why is 500 because it is already a good person to sell my hand, if I want to stand in the creative, which is 1 thousand and 5 of the price of the so-called creative station originality is nothing more than a message register, GG, sub, domain name dock, advertising, is nothing more than the East, is to use porn to lure traffic into income ~ these things for size > station

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