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Xiao Xiao Gang

gender: male

post: Y mouth rabbit online shopping

mall general manager,

, 26 year old Jiangxi guy Xiao Xiaogang, after graduation in 2005, traveled all over the country, worked, sold computers, and returned to his alma mater, Wuhan University, to build a different from Taobao’s Y rabbit shopping mall.

after nearly two years of exploration, the mall business although some improvement, but he believes that the same type of domestic online store too much, and the sale of specific products are not many, so he decided to create a professional mobile phone battery electronic commerce website.

Guitar guitar during


just went to sophomore year, Xiao Xiaogang was restless, he loved rock and roll, and a group of like-minded friends set up the name "happy flower" band, he was a guitarist, long hair with shoulders.

because of the music hobby, Xiao Xiaogang bought second-hand guitar sold to students. He then joined his friends in the motorcycle business and resold second-hand notebooks. Xiao said proudly, when he is to find time for class, homework, but did not fail the exam.

several twists and turns, into multinational companies work,

senior began internships, looking for work, naive Xiao Xiaogang to some qin line self recommendation, but meager salary, let him too disappointed. So he took up his hobby of music and cut off his long hair. He began looking for jobs related to computer science.

in 2005, Xiao Xiaogang in Sichuan after a company internship, go to Shenzhen for a living, apply for HUAWEI, Konka, and a famous hardware factory in Baoan District, but did not stay for two months, left.

finally came to the guy. In October 2005, Xiao Gang finally entered a multinational company in Shanghai.

had the idea of entrepreneurship

came to the new environment, Xiao Xiaogang very excited, but also feel the pressure, the company mostly in English communication, finished product packaging all English, he must understand, to reply to mail.

just started, Xiao translated Chinese into Chinese in reply letter. Because the company dormitory in the University, so every night he went to the library to study, to read English and professional books, charge yourself.

a year later, Xiao Xiaogang found himself in the development of space is limited, the idea of entrepreneurship in his mind. "When you want to start a business, you think it’s time for you to mature," Shaw said.

sells electronic products on the Internet

at the end of 2006, Xiao Gang returned to Wuhan, selling second-hand notebook in information plaza. Xiao went to Shenzhen to purchase cheap, he always help customers hotheaded and forthright, free maintenance, slowly, become the best business in a shop floor.

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