Experience sharing how small traffic flows into millions of years Thinking

first need to clear the concept that the small flow refers to the accurate flow in one hundred or two hundred or so, that is three hundred, I do network project for four or five years, has not been good at flow; it is these small flow, after a year of testing, millions of years to make completely reliable, so write out to share share. Of course, many see Daniel may feel funny, make millions of years dare tinkling se no way, who let me? Is the grass root, besides, I just thought ah, not necessarily earn millions, you will forgive me, ha.

we have been cock silk, the pursuit is small investment, as much as possible returns, do network for several years, mainly on three projects, is currently third, are small flow.

I had done the project, I believe that most people now have continued, what Baidu know, auction, SEO, Taobao, post, soft and so on do not exclude these profits selling products, to earn quick money.

to tell you the truth, this project every day, and every day there are people who earn a lot of money, earn tens of thousands of possible many, however, no product could have been so huge profits, not competition, is the product not, therefore, this part of the people not to do the project, is on the road to find a project may earn today; one hundred thousand, tomorrow may have nothing to do, do not know to do, I believe that many of these projects did people do feel.

these make money basically still stay by skill, depend on the stage of technology, say plainly, it is opportunistic. I have experienced by Baidu know to make money so a stage, but with the ban and the fierce competition of Baidu, a large number of people do not go, Taobao recently guest is not better? So your fate in the hands of others.

is currently more popular by WeChat, micro-blog these profitable projects, in fact, will have the same fate, not a large number of WeChat has been blocked, because of selling fake fake goods by the JC. Please go to tea.

so when you use these techniques as a means of entrepreneurship, it’s bound to make your business harder and harder and less sustainable.

a few years ago I also rely on these skills to earn some money, the first is to rely on soft Wen, second rely on Baidu to know, soft line, Baidu know to do a year or so, after the first half of last year has become more and more difficult, I also gave up. Rely on these things, new methods need to find new products every day, otherwise, Baidu know, these soft hair don’t go up, so I started thinking, without a stable, sustainable business is not doomed, so from the second half of last year to start thinking about the problem of transition.

now look back a lot of people earned a lot of money by network skills, and now the success of the transition is rare. Taobao has earned a lot of money, there has been a lot of money earned by SEO, there have been earned by the auction, but precipitation down, sustainable development

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