Fight station victorious

in today’s rapid development of information society, the network is no longer what new words, but it is a long popular, many achievements dream. Many people bought a house for it, bought a car, lived a well-off life and even lived like a millionaire. Baidu Robin Li, Alibaba grand Ma, Chen Tianqiao, the Shi Yuzhu of giant network…… their success, everyone is obvious to people for having heard it many times, but the DOA of the unknown hero are only full of tears. The old saying, Jiangdong disciple multi talented, return unknown. If you want to win this protracted war, you can’t prepare for it.

so do to prepare in order to truly fight, "stand invincible? The author visited some people in the industry, from their website successful experience draws the following conclusions, I hope everyone will be helpful.

excellent heart quality,

do like to fight in the face of those people up the size of the site, although you don’t hold Zuiwo battlefield Jun Mo laugh, a few people back to the ancient battle mentality, but necessary psychological preparation is indispensable.

1, be prepared for a protracted war. Website is a long-term thing, after the website is established, need to optimize ceaselessly and update, make necessary promotion in time. Not to say that when it’s done, it doesn’t matter.

2, be prepared to take risks. The stock market has risks, so do the websites. Doing the same thing, like doing business, requires upfront investment. Investment is in need of reward. However, many websites pre investment basically like no echo. Very little money has been made from the start of the site’s operations. But remember, a thousand sails pass by the side, diseased trees ahead wanmuchun.

3 does not. A little success at first does not necessarily mean success in the future. At the same time, you should be confident of yourself and full of confidence in your website.

strategy, tactics, one can not be less

in order to win the war, it is impossible to rely on strength, and some strategies and tactics must be adopted. In this "cyber warfare", the leaders must pay attention to the strategy and method of network marketing, and make a long-term plan for the website promotion. Network marketing is the fundamental purpose with low cost and high efficiency of the Internet platform to quickly build and promote enterprise image and products, market acceptance of the effective feedback, differentiation management of potential customers, and achieve sales growth promotion. Network marketing is focused on the promotion of the network, the purpose is to establish a brand image of the site, so that more people understand us, so as to achieve the purpose of making money. Network promotion and website promotion is the most important. Therefore, we have a professional and effective network to promote knowledge is very necessary. Making a good promotion plan is very important for the website’s successful promotion. There are also some basic promotion methods for websites

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