Local industry in the mobile nternet era how strong transformation

with the mobile Internet hot development, a large number of PC terminal users transfer to the mobile terminal, as a traditional Web2.0 page of the PC straight faced a difficult transition path, especially for the small city of industry site, as operators, how to seek bureau website in the future, for the mobile Internet era occupies a space for one person, this is us to explore the topic today.

industry site is a very promising project before 2010, basically in 2010 is a stage of the watershed, a large number of BBS, real estate, marriage, talent development, a solid foundation for the local minority of Internet, with the development of mobile APP, especially the popularity of mobile phone and intelligent 3G 4G network, according to iResearch survey data, mobile phone users has exceeded PC. In this big background, big trend, we grassroots webmaster can sit still? Do 10 years of grassroots, in the mobile APP prevailing era, grassroots how to break through the bottleneck? I will from three points to elaborate.

The first

: technology innovation, as a grassroots I deeply aware of technical problems in our personal webmaster, there is a big gap, most of some technology, but not proficient, which resulted in the loss of our technology, we can carry on the development and utilization of self generated APP system, of course, the premise to understand some technology. So we can save the cost, and slowly accumulated mobile terminal groups, so as to lay the foundation for future development.

second: precision marketing, the local industry site destined to do marketing in our small and fine circles, as the site of the industry most of the search keywords are the type of industry, basically one day traffic is not high, but in the end we face computer users are accurate, I have also become a mobile terminal marketing customer base. For example, through the WeChat subscription number, you can play a big effect, set up the circle, paving the way for mobile site decoration bridge.

third: human services, local site face face is the business + user mode, we as a web platform, regardless of the end, have good service, because no matter the flow is high, bad service, lack of credibility of the site. Of course, the service is not made 2 days a day, it takes a long way, in the community formed a reputation value, then we serve it.

maybe we have a lot of friends are immersed in the joy of the site is now a good development, we should face the trend of the environment now, my mobile Internet, open up a new way for the development of the website, we can always stand in the Internet! The mobile Internet will slowly extends to various industries, because we do is small the group, so we should do a good job in the niche of mobile Internet, mobile Internet plus of course the traditional site model we need to find a suitable station which is APP, or subscription number, or a circle. So… You industry friends we pay close attention to


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