The station master is coming in winter where is spring

I am a new webmaster, just joined the ranks of the owners did not take long, they have a copycat sites, recently appeared on the Internet is the personal website of the winter, how is the speech more, in stationmaster net is just a recommended title for "webmaster winter, fighting for many years experience to share" article, I personally look after not so agree, there is like the winter of the Internet seems to be right, my idol is Ma said, electronic commerce is so big, I don’t understand.

but today, Malone dragon wants to say to the individual stationmaster compatriots: "the winter of stationmaster does not come, who thinks the winter is coming, so the winter that that stationmaster comes, it is not the website, winter arrives.".

for the following reasons:

website is an information platform, its role is to convey information, I think this is the main function of the Internet, before the site flow can make money, I think most of what is to rely on advertising, advertising is always attached to the site there are a lot of things, but also is achieved by cheating. What do things as long as it can play the role of itself, the website is to convey information, to facilitate Internet users, a website without the valuable information, can provide users want or service, it is a waste site, no one see it is garbage, garbage is more likely to be said before the website is what websites with the virus.

now seems to say stationmaster arrived in the winter, or is the personal website of winter arrived, should say is not to earn money, earn money, website who is the reason? The reason is not the website, the station is a reason, webmaster is the soul of the website, is not to earn money because the background of the winter to the station.

to the website to hang, sometimes update, then wait for advertising revenue, it is not called the site, that is just a way to make more money, "the sky pie" things will not last long, the site is to be a welcome users of the network platform, and can develop for a long time, may will not be slow when profit, or profit, some owners said that the website is to make money, is it right, do it for money, but the site are not ready, do not make money is normal, if you want to make money, then go to rob the bank, the money, and soon.

so I want to say that the winter webmaster webmaster or friends, it is because there is no spring in your heart, I do a follow station, originally I think there is no hope of making money, because there is no traffic 10 a day a few IP only, sometimes less, not more than two digits, though not much, just a few views, but some people call very ordinary, perhaps with the nature of my website, but I still adhere to the website, hot day, noon may be a lot of people in the room eating watermelon, open air conditioning, but I’m the dumbass in the sun in the sun outside, collect information, arm skin tanned skin does not say, sun exposure, in order to what is? "

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