Ning zhe network Zhou Ning early local website team management 13 questions

has been talking to you about how to make money, this article is turned into a close uncle, talk about management with you. Following my usual writing style, this article starts with "Tao":

have small companies do not need the so-called formal management strict and complex management, fundamental or in person.

Please list the item management is not

, but the implementation of the system.

tick in any case, management can not eat. As the founder of the enterprise, first solve the problem of eating, and then solve the management problem.

The key of

management is not tick enterprises to survive, but management is the key to the development of enterprises.

then, I have to say, "management" is the biggest headache. In the field of local websites, we have taught methods that ultimately cause us obstacles not traffic, not talent, but management.

The following is a summary of the previous

industry conference, the company website, micro-blog and face to face communication problems, I will according to the start-up phase of the order are as follows, at the same time in order to understand me as much as possible to each principle or advice with an example with deep hatred and resentment.

1, how to screen partners?

answer: every entrepreneur has sworn Liangshan plot, but the business partnership is like marriage, not like a bowl to drink large chunks of meat so cool. The choice of partners should be based on the following principles:

have complementary, complementary character, ability, such as technical and sales of complementary, complementary engine and brakes.

: when agloat built website and accumulated a certain amount of flow, you find a team did not understand the sales. And the people who sell your products don’t pay as much as you can.


value, what we need is a good partner, not a sponger.

: performance gradually on the right track, you found that early poverty when the introduction of the proportion of investors is too large, without any contribution, but a large percentage of dividends.

have the values, we have to do the same thing.

: you want to earn money by standing on your own skill. Others want to kneel on their knees and ask for money, two for a shot,


2, the general distribution of equity,


answer: the best decision is the contribution of each person’s value. We still use the question to explain what is value:

Control of

V core resources or core technology should occupy a large proportion of shares.

: by working hard, you’ve solved a lot of problems with technology, people, resources, and so on. Finally, you find that the majority shareholder is not you, but the person who pays more. That money is really small, and you can always be squeezed out. The outcome is easy to predict: the failure of the partnership, the core technology control, the other furnace

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