Some thoughts of stationmaster in the late night

I am a person in the closed room, the day also did not say a word, and so on the network and establishment of illusory ideals, sometimes close your eyes went far away, wake up always inexplicable panic. I don’t want to put on the so-called exclamation, depressed, helpless, these to me is a fart. The road is long, and now it is only a small beginning, even if it is closed. Nicholas Tse has a word, I feel very good: their choice, responsible for their own.

chose the road of stationmaster, absolutely grass root. Single handedly, program modification and debugging, space art, promotion and so on, personal webmaster requirements of the almighty. Stationmaster, also known as their reputation. Now the Internet is developing very quickly, the price of pork industry will soon become the price of cabbage, some webmaster like me (fewer), drink the northwest wind. Of course, the money is also a lot of people, the most serious problem is to make money, and they are unable to live, then really embarrassed to say that he is a webmaster, I am deeply ashamed here. I have no Yan Dong Jianxiang folks.

recently made a station, started my website, webmaster’s course, spent a few days of my time, the program has not been completely modified, and it will take a few days to release. It doesn’t collect itself, and can’t make a lot of data. It’s a direct way to reduce my alliance’s profits. It’s a depression. Want to do a local portal station is only a dream. The boss of our webmaster said, "you don’t have a pistol, you have to play a good hand knife. That’s true.". Some people do not have to earn money to small areas of strong wind and big waves, can let him passage of time.

I admit I have not mastered his words, I think this evening, thinking their own position, give yourself a re positioning, to review their own. Look a little lower, down, perhaps the opportunity in front of you.

Thanks to station feeds.

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