Sidney analysis of sentiment no breakdown or death a


segmentation is the soul of site analysis, segmentation is found will by the path of truth, no breakdown for me, or die. Among all the ways of thinking in website analysis, segmentation is one of the most important lessons, none of them. This would not be an independent article, but a series of articles that could be up to 6 or 7. Each article will analysis the one or two cases, with a breakdown of the first glimpse of friends secret. This is the first chapter.


              advance notice of friends, has been struggling with mild depression, I will take a few weeks off in October, may not have time to write articles. After all, I’m worried about not adjusting, and I’ll fall into silence all day. So, friends, if you want me to discuss something, please leave a message for me and I’ll try to finish by October.

do a small project, so there is sentiment, site analysis is a very practical and scientific practice, inside out, out of experience, even a very handy analysis to chew slowly, I am afraid than just sitting watching theory more effective. At present, my biggest feeling is in the subdivision that makes me love and hate.

segmentation is the soul of web analytics, and almost all insight comes with segmentation. Subdivision help us to let us know the success of cobwebs, where, let us have a scalpel, the anatomical site, with great eloquence.

, but the subdivision is also the hardest. It often takes me a lot of time to get a little piece of charcoal, and sometimes nothing. Moreover, the subdivision is actually endless, and you fall into it, which may mean that you spend all your energy (or even youth) on it. Do you dare to make such a big bet?

anyway, segmentation has magic power, you don’t know it personally, you don’t know what it’s like. What I want to write is to try to bring it to you, but it’s up to you, my dear friend.

Chapter 1: analysis of traffic growth / decrease

[1] case yesterday, Namchi asked me, my website (a well-known B2C site) in Zhouqu on the day of mourning, traffic did not fall, than usual greatly enhance, how can I know what


I heard the music, this is one of my most love question! My dear friend, I don’t think I need to say, you already know the answer to that question, in fact, everyone is the same answer, we just need to find evidence.

I told him, I think your direct (Type/Booked) traffic and search engine traffic must have been greatly increased, while other traffic has also increased, but the increase is not obvious, far from

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