This paper discusses the opposition between Baidu and Google in New Station collection

first thanks webmaster network provides this platform, let us learn the learned knowledge from here, but also gave us grassroots people a chance to display.

exactly why early included and included a series of slow action? Baidu to new sites included more and more requirements, included in the time is longer and longer. Or only included home page, snapshot is not updated, etc., this is everyone knows, but also the webmaster online saw the most articles. At that time, register a good domain name, select a program, write a template, and do a good job of tag related columns. Prepare to submit the website information to the spider net of stationmaster net, seduce spider. The date of submission is 9.23. The second day, to Baidu, Google, site, surprised + happy ah. Stationmaster net, more than stationmaster people like to come, spider lady still likes to come more. Two major search has been included. But look at the snapshot date, strange, Baidu snapshot show date is 9.17 days. Google earlier snapshot included date of 8.24 days. This is not I buy space binding domain was only a few days! This time is still testing the template, make labels, really happy + worry, isn’t it, the first impression was ruined.

couldn’t help it. The two ladies liked me. I didn’t plan to write these, so I didn’t keep the snapshot shot at that time. But we can site this site domain name, found to submit to spider area seduce spider submit date to know, but I didn’t lie to you oh. Ha-ha。 Why not submit any information, and the station can quickly included in the early


I think there are four points:

1, the website structure is written with the latest div+css structure. This is equivalent to providing the latest food for search. Can you not like


two, web design, has a unique style, can not only imitate, you imagine that each site is the same template, search can like it?

three, a good system, which is equivalent to the big miss visiting your home, is a clean, clean and comfortable environment, can she refuse


four, a good name and interesting domain name and website name. This is equivalent to the big miss who wants to see you when she hears your name. She has a close feeling. Can she be


and included, why to give this station slow action? Should have a good ranking is it?. Slow motion is slow, slow and slow. Whether some time ago with the Baidu "Yangmen incident" about? The content is also on the acquisition, but the title, the content is revised after treatment, is not the original copy; second is the title keyword overheating, we welcome the exchange of advice. Finally, AD a little station, send text messages, send blessings on the mobile phone text messaging site, —Q brother Q sister SMS, welcome to exchange links, contact Q web page under.

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