Write soft text refused to leak site traffic soaring secret

these days, see the article on the refusal to write soft article, the article has a section said that the site of the webmaster don’t soft, easy to leak the commercial secret site, easy to leak site concept and so on. Say is soft Wen, once released, a lot of sites will come out like mushrooms. You will lead to naught.

I think that this is alarmist. At this point in the Internet, the idea is worthless. You look at blogs and you’re about to collapse. Look at blogging. If Wang tells you the idea of doing Admin5, you may not succeed in making a admin5. It’s so easy to copy a web site, it’s hard to copy a successful website. Because the development of a website, not only rely on this procedure, more important is the people behind the website who struggle hard for it.

concept is worthless, valuable people, you look at the editor, written in accordance with the cold Admin5 internal exposure. We can see that the development of the site depends on the team. The team relies on collaboration (without the perfect individual, only the perfect team), which no one can copy. So, we use soft Wen, that is, all the data written on the site to do, to write out our ideas, and who can afford you,


, like our www.9ask.cn team, our clients and friends, lawyers often ask, how many of you are doing this?. We are a group of vigorous young people in doing, we have a common goal, and most of the webmaster, have a dream, perhaps the road is very difficult. May be bumpy. We’re all holding on……

in fact, part of a write text is to write an article, write down our ideas, write down our experience, we do the Internet record bit by bit, share together with thousands of webmaster, this need not be so serious, not what secrets.

, SNS, advertising and other Witkey call these concepts in philosophy, who all know, but how? Maybe your idea is very good, even better than the Internet giants are planning and design, it is not a secret, it is important for you to take a leap of faith and persistence, also have a a team of

more than others!

clumsy writing, please forgive me. 23 year old birthday Eve, ".

draft source: www.9ask.cn

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