Network editors want to say love you is not easy

website editor was once my dream, a position controlling text. At that time, I was just a CP alliance customer service, a chance, I went to a network company, when the editor.

that’s a young company with a young team full of vitality. I’m the only girl on the team, working with them without any inhibitions. The reality editor is not as beautiful as he imagined. He keeps repeating Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V every day, so he takes an internet name called "pirated angel". Although sometimes tired of this repetitive work, but to see website traffic rising day by day, the heart is also pretty.

days went by like this, and an office affair without ending broke my peace. He, assistant to the managing director, is a small, swarthy boy. Maybe it’s regular contact at work, other colleagues, including bosses, often joke about us. He’s serious, and I just think of him as a colleague, a boss, a friend. In the next few days, there was only one person across the table from me. The feeling of being loved is meant to be happy, but it can be a burden to me. Every day after work, I sneak faster than a hare. In the course of time, to other colleagues a bad impression, in fact, I am afraid he will catch up, afraid of being lalacheche, I just want a person to listen to music, walk on the way home.

gradually I found his attitude is getting worse, often contradict him, sometimes don’t know why. I feel so weird. One day he said to me, "I’m not going to mess with you. No one has ever let me in love so much."". I smiled, a feeling that I could not speak.

from then on, my life changed a lot, a person’s world, can not hear me and their laughter. We occasionally meet him at work, and sometimes I greet him, but he is impassive and cold, and makes me feel awkward. We hardly ever talk about anything other than work. ". You see, you don’t check the link, and you don’t mind recording it. Every time I find out. You are responsible for the two channels included in the rate of decline, copy and paste all day long, I feel sad for you….." I want to say: I’m just a small editor, I do not understand SEO, do not want to just copy paste, but also want to write more original articles. Please don’t be so negative about my work. I’m so wronged…

at 6:30 in the morning, opened his dim eyes, burning out, ready for lunch at noon, sitting on the bus, my mind thinking about this week plan, with the thoughts and the scenery fly relaxation and floating, one to the company, immediately open the document, want to just think of record. Through the screen reflection, I saw a shadow, a hanging heart, he has any instruction, said he saw a pen on my desk, I said: "how many times, clean the office manager, this week is what you do." I got up at once and picked up the rag and answered, "yes, I’m sorry, I forgot.". Only tears to heart >

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