My website management has talked about website updating

read the headlines and expect a lot of people to laugh because the topic is too old and new. But today I feel like I have to say. In said before, is a long winded a few words of my own website. My site name: Liaocheng is optional digital network studio address: (warning: not intentionally attract spider what, in order to better explain the problem), the website just after the full moon, I set the keywords that Liaocheng website construction, Liaocheng network company, these two words are the main keywords. Now "Liaocheng site construction" as the key words in Baidu search rankings from page 20 to now sixth pages; "Liaocheng network company" as the key words in Baidu search, the original ranking has now risen to third pages Not the least trace was found. I think my website is able to have the current situation, the main thing is to update the content of the site, and now I update the site that day, Baidu can be included on the same day. For the website update, my feelings are as follows:

1, website update time

Since the

website, has experienced many hardships, had dropped by Baidu K (see details: my site is how to pull out from Baidu in the black box), after that, I insist to get up at 6 every morning, wake up after the first thing is to update the website. Because I have seen an article, the article said that Baidu’s current day of collection time is this way, at 7 in the morning, -9, 5-6 p.m., 10 p.m. -12. So the first thing I do up in the morning is to update my website.

two, the number of web content updates

, my website has four articles column, in the home page, each column appears 7, I update every day is the number of the home page all change again, that is to say at least every day update 28. The purpose of doing so is to give visitors a feeling, that is, the content of the site changed, I think this feeling is not only with the browser, to Baidu spider feeling should be like this. From other people’s point of view, I think every day articles or content updates about 2%-5% of the total amount of the article, but also to the law, can not update 100 today, tomorrow, let go of it.

three, the quality of website updates

I think that’s very important. There are four articles in my website, except for a few articles written by myself, and others are from authoritative large portal websites. For example: the establishment of common sense section of the article is the source of Admin5 and China stationmaster net webmaster; news section of the article is the source of sina technology, the Tencent of science and technology; computer knowledge section of the article is to copy and paste from the computer enthusiast site; price of article from the line network, Zhongguancun and so on site. The information authority, update speed and quality of these websites are high. It says, "I got up earlier, and I just found these sites, and I found them."

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