Site beautification add a nice Favicon to your website

"what is Favicon?" we see almost every day, but not many people notice them. But in my experience, I can tell you that when you build a web site for your users, plus your Favicon will be the last step in this project, and users will find the change easily.


about two years ago, I built a website for a friend. When I put the site for the first time to show her, she impressed me most is: "you are still inside the browser so a small icon, how do ah?" before him those designers 6 websites are not to do this. So she thought it was very high and wanted a big website.

What is

Favicon? Favicon favorites is the abbreviation of icon, or shortcut icon, website icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, is a 16× 16 or 32× 32 square icon. Different sites have different icons. Appears at the left end of the browser tab, such as the

of Babel


has several ways to add Favicon- to a web site, add code to the theme file, and use the plug-in. More commonly, create an icon locally and upload it to space for use.

How should

create a Favicon

of my own?

now has a lot of online Favicon sites, and you just have to upload your own pictures. For example:

Dynamic Drive – Favicon Generator

Favicon Generator


, Favicon, Generator, & Gallery

‘s last site has a picture library, you can look at the Favicon of other websites, and then give you some inspiration. Favicon is an icon with a width of 16 pixels, and you have only 256 pixels of creative space. So your Favicon can’t be too complex, or else you can’t recognize it. In fact, the more concise the better, look at the Favicon generated sites, their icons are very simple.


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