SEO chaos medical websites how to create high quality content


looking back on the past year, SEO industry can be described as surging, there are many industries involved in the SEO, in which the majority of medical SEO. Looking back at this year, Baidu’s search for this adjustment, making a lot of SEO industry by the weight of the blow, especially in the medical industry SEO. Because the medical advertisements, the medical editor is a non professional staff, so it will form a kind of "copying" situation, the content is too monotonous, makes the medical website user experience straight down. All along, Baidu is in the user experience and promote, to purify the Internet search environment through a series of means, the beginning of the year, Baidu has introduced the algorithm and the original algorithm, pomegranate green spark plan, from a series of big moves, we can see that the real purpose of Baidu.

we first analyze the basic process of medical SEO, generally we will first determine the site of the core words (including words, and then expand the brand) long term, record users search habits, and through a series of operations, improve the show the amount of keywords. So, Internet users on the Internet search for a keyword, you can click through the key words, URLs, access to our website, and in accordance with individual needs, looking for what you need. If the Internet users found that the content of the site to help themselves, and can solve their problems, you will have an idea of appointment. Make an appointment through click business or call, followed by the consultants for docking, and guide the patients to the hospital.

talk so much, in fact, we have to do is not just the keywords ranking, more important is the website content, thinking in the perspective of how to meet the users, Internet users need, this is the problem that we need to consider. The following Wuhan SEO to talk about, in today’s SEO era of chaos, the medical website exactly how to build high-quality content, summed up the following points, hoping to help some of the medical SEO friends.

, website page structure

how about a website? First of all, look at its overall structure, can not be loved by people, the site structure is the first step. Medical websites like this, Internet users through some channels to your site, if the first sight is full screen business advertising popups, QQ jitter window, you will feel that others in your site how long?

two, page richness

, for example, a page long winded, talk about is all nonsense, readers see no attraction, basically will turn off the window. For example, a page is written about the health of common sense, but also with the first off the picture, which allows readers to see at a glance, more in line with user habits. Many people are disgusted with the text, your writing is good, long winded will only make others feel irritable, if it is illustrated, and strengthen the guidance of certain

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