How to operate county level real estate network

my hometown is a small county in Hubei. 600 thousand population. In the past two years, many real estate dealers have come into the market. That led to our house prices rose. Hence the idea of making a local property information network.

one, preliminary preparation,

1: market survey about Baidu that we found that the local real estate network Shishou real estate information network has not a real significance. Belong to the kind of online property site. Although the ranking is very close to the front. But the templates are all the same. There is no local characteristic. We don’t even have a classification of towns in our area.

2: domain name registration. I chose a famous local pass, Pinyin registered a domain name. Convenient for local memory.

3: keyword selection reference Shishou real estate related search down. To determine the basic Shishou real estate information network search volume maximum. With the aid of real estate related keywords Shishou Shishou Shishou real estate real estate network.

4: content filling.. Early copies of dozens of other web content. Update 1 to 2 messages a day. Collect local agent contacts. Contact each other to help you fill in the content. No charge in advance.

has been developing for two months. My real estate information network basically monopolized the related property of all keywords in shishou. But because the local economy is underdeveloped. In addition, visiting IP every day is only about 150. Don’t look down on these 150 IP. Through statistical analysis, these are high-quality local IP. Profit base.

two, website profit,

1: intermediary companies charge. When your site monopolizes local keyword traffic. You can charge the local agent. Such as home page recommendation 400 monthly. Our county level intermediary intermediary suite, an estimated several thousand intermediary costs. :

2: user charges. When users need to display their sales information prominently. Sticky information. You can consider 10 yuan per charge.

3: real estate advertising. Small houses are easy to fill. But developers have developed many projects. Many aren’t sold at all. You can talk to them.

4: showings by the end of the year. According to the county local real estate network daily 150IP or so. I believe you can organize a team of 100 people within 2 months. How many commissions can you find for yourself?.

now I know a county property net profit of over one million. As long as you dare to do. Believe you can..


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