Does the Baidu index represent daily searches

first and everybody said a case,  some time ago Xiaonei’s Baidu index is very high, in theory, the flow should be very impressive, I spent a lot of effort to do the first page of Baidu, but it is only the word every day I brought 300 IP, is not very funny, I think not, Baidu index lied to me, but I lied to myself. Is the word index still high, or is it 70797


(Baidu index) is a free massive data analytics service based on Baidu web search and Baidu news search. It takes curves, related news and professional reviews to make a thorough analysis and grasp the key words that you care about, and let you get the most valuable information and information on the Internet in the first place.)

only official Baidu index on the index summary of my personal speculation, Baidu index is only related to all the information representing the word, including image information, news and information, search for the number of popular


then Baidu index for us to have what use? But there is, as above, the index represents a hot degree, the word index is high, that the word on behalf of the industry hot, and it is by the people, the attention of the society. What can bring us is not only the flow rate (sometimes the index represents the magnitude of the flow to a certain extent), but also more potential business opportunities!


Baidu index to represent only the word hot degree, I only want to see the Baidu index still caused traffic brothers attention to write this article! Thank you! My


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