Details determine success or failure let your pages be more hierarchical

needless to say, a layered web page must be more attractive than a cluttered web page. Because it looks more comfortable, more convenient for users to find links or pictures. How to make your pages more layered? The following is my these years some do experience feelings and experience, and to the webmaster friends to share under the.

determines whether the page has a hierarchy, and I think there are two aspects, that is, content categories and design elements. Content category is to put things similar to the best put together, not messy throughout the entire web site, so that users can not find the north. Design elements are well understood, that is, the size, color, location, etc. of text, pictures, and borders can affect whether the page is layered or not.

, first of all, about the content category. Take the home page for example. The head of the home page is generally navigation links. For general portals, there are no fewer than ten links. If these links are listed randomly, it’s very inconvenient for users to find them. In this regard, do a better job is Sina home navigation. We can find out what we want to see through the bold categories on the home page, and then find the relevant channels or columns of this category through large categories, which is very intuitive and convenient.

then look at the impact of design elements on the layering of web pages. It’s hard to imagine how a web page would be like if it were all the same size and text chain of the same color. Therefore, the text, picture size, color, location of the grasp and attention, in order to make good, popular web pages. For example, a title text chain, if you have parameters such as date or author, it’s better to add a lighter font than a title or a lighter color. A number of text chains form a region that best distinguishes between a pale border and other regions, or between regions, preferably in terms of element color and size.

should also embed pictures appropriately among different regions. Pictures can be advertising or brand promotion of their websites. This makes the web look vibrant and alive.

although most of us are only personal webmaster, we don’t pay much attention to the small problems in Web design. But if you are running a professional website or local site, when your site runs into a bottleneck, think carefully about whether you have overlooked in some detail.

after time, I will decide on the details of success or failure, in the website operation process of some other small details to do analysis, and everyone to communicate and study. Stay tuned.

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