Baidu dropped two lessons

I do not know what time, the office website ideas online to see some HTML tutorials, find a CMS run from the site, the feeling is: do a website. The website run until So that is what it is. simple, just know that not just make web site so simple, what PR, weight, SEO. I am so Promotion…… a novice was full of strange words, so every day on the station network, I started the website promotion career. Really do stand to spread the difficult


after half a month of hard work, it is hard work pays off, all the major search engines can finally find small figure, can look at their IP every day, is really chilling. See an article in the webmaster online inadvertently called: ‘do station month, traffic reached 1000&, quot; look at your day with only a few flow, but let me feel despair. But I did not give up, insist every day, can flow or not, the online search many articles about the promotion, the final decision from the new location of their own website, the website has conducted the thorough revision on that day. Night sleep very dependably, dream at night is included in the amount of Baidu by


can always and let things for second days, SITE, found that Baidu not updated at flow rate of 0, Baidu was down the right for me, but I only Baidu website traffic sources, Baidu also announced the site right down the death penalty


did not flow, I still insist on update, through to the relevant forum, Baidu Post Bar and other posts, bring some traffic, so after a period of time, slowly, from Baidu and two flow, still very happy heart.

until I was in an exchange link, the other side said to me saying: " your Baidu included little ah, I also do stand 3 months, Baidu included 3000 articles, not only do you link " so, I was on the site for " optimization; " second days, can be found; and right down to Baidu!


from Baidu two right down the lesson is: do not deliberately go to care about the website included, work content is the most important, not anxious, do stand is a long process, only patience, to succeed


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