How does layman write original articles for unfamiliar websites

theoretically, there is an article in the website, or an article from the page, which usually represents the number of pages in the web site. In fact, everyone knows the truth, a web site can appear in the original article for the website that is definitely a good thing, but according to the actual situation, I have a website on it (Zhuhai Weijia, key words: fixture).

here first statement, before I was a programmer who, after doing optimization consulting station and station enterprise website, industry website related have been optimized, but are now in the hands of the site really makes me feel puzzled. It’s simple, because the website I’m optimizing is a completely new field for myself. And the relevant content in the network is also difficult to find.

at first I was looking for information about "fixtures" to modify my website. This ensures that a certain number of updates can be made in the article, and Baidu’s observation also found that Baidu in a day included the site. After about two weeks, Baidu comes to this site every day, and I think it’s a little better for the website.

but after a period of time, found that the website can add articles have been added almost, go to find new articles. But find the articles found, the contents of the article is too professional, modify the paragraph will lead to the emergence of "indecent", plus I don’t really understand the term. In desperation, take the form of reprint articles to update the website. But this update has not changed much of the site, and instead, the snapshot hasn’t been as fast as before.

continue to choose to write original articles, before the emergence of problems summarized, see if you can write a professional original article. In the process, I have seen a lot of forums about jigs and fixtures, and consulted some related people. Written things for the site is a little bit of effect, but I feel the effect is not very good. A few days later, the same problem happened again. So I switched to the original article interspersed with reprinted articles, after two weeks of experiments, the site snapshot and included have corresponding changes.

then the individual concluded that, for the optimization of the site, will often encounter their completely unfamiliar fields. Communication with the relevant webmaster before, really get results. However, after a long time, you will find that because you are not your wife, the articles you write are very limited. There are several ways to do this:

1, talking about other people’s articles, after reading, in accordance with their own understanding, write again in their own words.

2, you can analyze the company’s products, to make it clear that the company’s products must be related to the company engaged in the industry. Will produce >

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