90% of nternet Co will die of capital winter who will be the remaining 10%

no matter whether people would like to admit or not, capital winter has become a "new normal". From 1997 to 2015, the curse of "economic crisis every 7 years" in European and American countries has also been fulfilled in china. I believe that for many people, the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on our work and life is still difficult to remember. Work hard to find, hard to make money, buy things, especially very careful in reckoning the economic downturn and high prices, resulting in ordinary commuters in Sliced noodles on the issue, entangled in the food bowl or open to buy two dollars cheaper but no bowl full.

after a lapse of seven years, the economic winter that once again swept the Chinese, because the stock market Chinese rehearsal ahead of the winter before, people face has been relatively fully prepared, however, the reality is still expected to exceed the attitude to stimulate people’s nerves. Steel, coal and other energy resources overcapacity, traditional enterprises are facing the dual pressures, the economic slowdown and the transformation of the Internet however, Challenger itself as the Internet industry or do not go to the Internet first, Ali market plunged 360, Baidu and other giants by the cold resistance in the United States, in the run-up to the delisting. The most interesting about the venture capital circles, perennial lurking in the 3W coffee, see good project will put 30 thousand and 5 million Internet uncle’s story, has already become a joke. The truth is, before to get dollar companies can now talk about the yuan, more and more people have been hungry, regardless of size, as long as the dollar or yen, but also into the money is a blessing.

so, we will be faced with the environment is that the economic crisis is expected, although people living in urgent need of Internet technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but the Internet industry itself will experience a process of extrusion foam. This also causes us to think about a problem, the capital of winter, 90% of the Internet Co will die, however, who will become the remaining 10%? "Silly money" is less and less, people no longer need to demand the icing on the cake, only to solve practical problems, truly create value for society the Internet Co can survive.

icing on the cake will wither

‘s "icing on the cake" is a non essential need. When people have money, they try it. When they don’t have money, they cut it off with one knife. For ordinary consumers and the Internet industry, there are several forms of icing on the cake:

1, luxury industry bear the brunt of

six months ago, Chanel led luxury goods companies have adopted the "European price increase, China’s price reduction" of the global coordinated pricing strategy. Recently, with the continuous decline in the RMB exchange rate, the luxury industry suffered investors cool: on August 11th the same day, Kering, LVMH, Tod, Ferragamo several companies in their respective markets have 3%-5% decline. Under the influence of the real economy, luxury electricity supplier obvious atrophy, jumei.com reluctantly cut third party luxury goods business, not only the quality network is not only converted to light luxury sites, more into layoffs storm, second-hand luxury

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